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I know I know, it’s 2012 already and everyone’s busy started to go to school, to college / uni, back to work and whatevernots. I really wanted to put up the Christmas dishes I made a while ago for a Christmas potluck. but after that, I went on a big sick. I usually am not the type of person that falls sick. In fact (touchwood) I only fall really sick once a year, if not once every 2 years. Can’t deny, it’s the good food that’s keeping me healthy and kicking! So to fall sick on a festive season is really a big no no. I tried not to, but oh well. Also I was very busy keeping up with the pups which my dog delivered before that, and I had classes almost every weekends in Nov and Dec. talk about a major busy month. Sick couldn’t be prevented. Oh but it was good to be sick. I stopped doing everything, even going on to the internet, and just had a very peaceful 1 week of nothing.

Now I’m back and well to be honest, I’m still not in the blogging / cooking / baking mojo back. So, nothing new yet. Just a recap of  recipes & travelogue in year 2011. (click on thumbnail to go back to blogpost)





Which ones were your favourite? What do you want to see more of? In 2012, I’m looking forward for more cooking posts and cake decorating tutorials. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Hello 2012

  1. Once a year or 2 years eh..so that means, it’ll be long before u get sick again. No worries for CNY, can eat all u can. LOL.

    I think the pups thingy got u sick, not resting well and enough, and too much work and less rest. U had been caring a lot for those beautiful pups and I hope you can stop worrying about them soon and wish they get good new owners.

  2. Nice recap of 2011! Happy New Year 2012.
    Oh, i want to learn more about decorating cake, quickly post ya, Thank you..Ya, i went to your working place and bought a lot of things during the sales, slowly you will be seeing i use it in my post, hehehe..

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