Christmas Pot luck

Well, bigger house and bigger kitchen means friends-entertaining in style!

Totally forgotten how to blog. Pics are taken from fb from my friends cause I was kinda too occupied to even hold a camera and take some photos. Well even the yummy pork roulade is not in picture. Man, stuffings are too good I’m going to remake it just so I can have a picture. serious.

So here we go.


Appetizers / starters: Kumquat brie tarts, deep fried platter, cherry tomato snacks and nachos (but came too late we’re too full so we skipped it)

Salad : roasted pumpkin spinach salad, potato salad

Main : Pizza, roast pork roulade with stuffings, extra serving of stuffing, cranberry sauce,

Dessert : freaking lots of fruits, mini fruit n cheese tartlet, tiramisu lava cake, lemon meringue tart which everyone was too full to eat.

Drinks: some bottle of wines and fruit punch

In the purple casserole, are the extra stuffings which couldnt fit into the roulade so I just put them in a pot and bake separately. Oh SO GOOD! I mean I hardly ever say the food I cook is so good, this is one of the few 😛

And the pumpkin salad which I made too, but this one, I’ve made once prior to the actual pot luck. I bought a smaller but organically grown pumpkin. They’re so sweet and yummy. I have a proper picture of this one, which I will put up the recipe later. Well I had about 10 friends and my family are eating as well, so there were 2 bowls of salad!

Pizza. Well I kinda did a pizza station where my friends could just put whatever ingredients they want on top but because they were kinda too full to even get creative on pizza shapes lol. My friends are mostly small eaters!

That’s the kitchen island and tall cabinets n stuffs. Well it’s kinda full with food now. Hehe

Fruits that we didn’t finish lol! Too much. Some of them came after dinner so I guess apart from them being small eaters, they didn’t eat too! No wonder leftovers!

Lemon meringue tart that didnt even make its way. Lol. Consider this a last minute dessert as I was just itching to make Pierre Herme’s Lemon cream (if you hven’t made it, you have to! It’s ridiculously delicious!) These became my nieces desserts a few days later hehe

candies and chocolates!

Cake! Of course there would be cake. I wasn’t quite sure on which cake to make until the very last minute. I checked with my friend what kinda cake she wanted (well it’s her birthday 2 days later from the party) and she said chocolate lava. #okayguy.jpg Chocolate lava is an emergency dessert and it doesnt fit my requirements as a party cake. So I remembered seeing on Ellie’s Almost bourdain site before about this lava tiramisu with a hole in the center. I borrowed the idea of it and made it using a tiramisu recipe I use all the time, with a few minor adjustments. Well, friend got the ‘lava’ cake. Just that apart from chocolate, there’s also coffee and rum and baileys in it. (couldn’t find my kahlua i nthe store. Not sure which box it’s in 🙁 hence the baileys. )

Right of course the chocolate ganache will melt in and create a yummy sinful mess.

This was what I meant with the flowing chocolate ganache. Well, will do another post on this another day. 🙂

I guesss that’s all the photos. I mean, of course you don’t wanna see us playing taboo and exchanging presents Lol. Dinner parties are fun. I’m hoping to do more of it this year 🙂

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  1. All the food look so good. By the way your kitchen look really big . Mind sharing with us how your new kitchen looks like ? Really curious 🙂

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