KoreaTrip2011 : Sapoong and Coffee Prince in Hongdae

I know, you must be thinkging, WHAT? WHy is she still posting about the Korea trip she went to in May? It’s already October for goodness sake. I know I know.

Infact I wasn’t going to post already because I’ve forgotten the directions, which train station to stop and which exit to take. They were all written in my book (which is well hidden in some boxes somewhere in my still-mess-room) But oh well I still wanted to blog about Bangsan Market.. We’ll save that for later 😉 But I promise it won’t be a few months later. haha

So Hongdae is a pretty awesome place. My only regret is that I went there at night. It would be better if I could spend at least 1/2 a day in Hongdae and another 1/2 in Ewha, both are pretty close and are of almost the same vibe; Uni students, quirky cafes, shopping boutiques, ample coffee clubs and very artsy.

Initially, I had found a few cafes on the internet that I wanted to go in Hongdae, after walking about, I found that some of the places has been closed down.. Too bad then.. There were quite alot of walking in Hongdae as we’re looking for the ever famous Coffee Prince cafe. In between that, we were feeling famished! So we were saying to eat at any restaurant / cafe we pass by next. Coincidentally, we landed on this cafe which was filmed in another Korean drama, Pasta.

It was only 8.00 pm ish at that time (close to 9pm) and the lady inside the shop told us they’re going to close.. What? that’s kinda early. Infact, most shops in Hongdae closes quite early, except for bars / pubs and Barbeque restaurants..

We were thinking it was gonna be a ‘pasta’ place considering the fact that in the drama, they served pasta.. But oh well, rice is good. There were no signs of pasta. Haha.. Sizzling rice, you bet!! even better than in a claypot cause u get more burnt rice at the bottom.One was a kimchi pork rice and another was just regular pork fried rice.. Both were priced about 7,000 won – 7,500 won each. Banchan and tea are complimentary

Coffee Prince was located just down the road, with a corner turning into, along Sapoong. It may well look more prominent in the day as the exterior of the cafe during night, is pretty dark.

Me and my friend both watched the drama (Er, ok I think she watched too) and were pretty excited about this place. But oh boy the coffee was so expensive it was so not worth it. To pay RM21 for a cup of mocha is utter ridiculous.

The interior looks just like how it is in the drama, just that there are not cute or pretty looking boys as baristas. 🙁 boo..

no, actually, double BOO..


7000 won for what they call, new wave coffee … I feel like killing myself inside when ordering it.. Price of coffee = price of sizzling rice …Oh well oh well, itwas a pretty nice place anyway.. (Just trying to console meself)

Now on the brighter side, at least the coffee was decent.

The only downside of this cafe was that the upper deck is not open to public (when they say that, I’m wondering, do people stay up there??) It would have been nice to go to the upper deck. If you happen to go to Coffee Prince, you’d have to becareful using the toilet. It’s quite a complicated one.


How to Get to Coffee Prince : Take Subway Line 2 to Hongik University, and go out of Exit 4 a Turn right at Seven Springs corner and pass the intersection. At the 3-way intersection, turn left. Walk about 100 meters on the road above the playground and walk towards the road on the right side. Walk about 500 meters until you find the coffee shop on the right.


8 Comments on KoreaTrip2011 : Sapoong and Coffee Prince in Hongdae

  1. I will love to visit the Coffee Prince cafe if I ever have chance to visit Seoul again 🙂

  2. wendyywy says:

    Complicated toilet?
    Hmmmm….. interesting

  3. You might have just been barking up the wrong tree looking for cute baristas in a joint like that 🙂

  4. Winston says:

    Hey, sweet blog you have here! And omg at that sizzling rice with egg. Why don’t they serve that in Korean restaurants in Australia too, argh! The coffee looks really, really good I’m genuinely surprised to see such authentic looking coffee in Korea. Good stuff! =)

  5. Kaysha says:

    Hi there, could euu send me an email on the direction to the “pasta” place? the rice looks yummy!

  6. pie says:

    Hi, what time coffee prince’s cafe closed? since you got dinner in pasta at 08.00pm, i guess coffee prince’s cafe closed in pretty night. am i right?

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