Korea Trip 2011- Zipwire @ Gapyeong Wharf & How to get to Nami Island.

Annyeong Haseyo!

Goodness me, there really should be a speed ticket for time. Travelling to fast 😛 It’s been more than a month since the Korea Trip in May. So this is actually Day 3 of our trip, we try to put all the locations that is further and need a longer travelling time first early in the trip because the weather forecast predicted that there would be rain. Plus, we didn’t want to squeeze with the weekend crowd. Everland was on Thursday and Nami Island was on Friday. Traffic was smooth and queue, was ok. But in Everland, we had to wait a while too. Max 30 mins.

So Zipwire is a faster way to get to Nami Island from Gapyeong Wharf. (Gapyeong Wharf is something like a small jetty right next to the river, and is about 1km away from Nami Island. Nami Island is a tiny half-moon shaped island located in ChuncheonSouth Korea, formed as it was inundated by the rising water of the North Han River as the result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam in 1944. The island is 430,000 square meters in area and approximately 4 km in diameter. And we all shall know that Nami Island has been made even more famous by the Korean drama, Winter Sonata that was broadcasted in 2002.

There are a few ways to get to Nami Island. I will explain it from the meeting point for the Nami Island Shuttle Bus

Option 1 (the one we took) Make your way to Tapgol Park which is located straight ahead from Jongno-3 Metro Station Exit 1. After the park, turn right and walk straight till you see 7-11 on your left. That area is actually Insadong, another shopping heaven (which I will updated more of later) There will be a Shuttle bus straight to Nami Island.But you have to be there early (bus leaves at 9.30am but we arrived at 8.50ish am) and managed to score the last 6 tickets. I’m not sure how you can make reservations but maybe you can ask your hotel reception.

Shuttle Bus ticket: 6500 won for 1 way, 13000 won for 2 way. Don’t be silly like us, get the 2 way tickets because it’s quite tricky to make your way back from Nami Island to Seoul.

The bus takes you straight to Gapyeong Wharf. From there you can either take the ferry or Zipwire your way to Nami Island

Option 2 (we came back from Nami Island to our hotel this way because we didn’t buy the 2 way ticket for the shuttle bus) From wherever you are, take the Metro Subway to Sangbong Station (Line 7) At the station you’d have to transfer line to the Gyeongchun Line (which is different from the other Metro lines, it’s under KORAIL) From there, you take a train to Gapyeong Station. After you reach, you’d need to take a 10 mins taxi and go to Gapyeong Wharf, which then you can take the ferry or Zipwrie from there. Confusing? ABSOLUTELY!

In short, you > Sangbong Stn (Line 7) >transfer to Gyeongchun Line > train to Gapyeong Station > taxi to Gapyeong Wharf. This could cost about close to 6000 won. Not anyhow cheaper anyways… If there are tickets, use the shuttle bus.

#1 Tapgol Park Entrance

#2 The bus.

#3 Waiting for the bus to depart.. Such breezy weather. But rained in Nami Island tho.. 🙁 The bus will take about 1 hour to reach to Gapyeong Wharf. Then, please do walk around and enjoy the view of this super tall tower.

#4 You can’t miss this. It is 80m high and that’s probably the tallest tower you can find there in the wharf. Friend A asked : How come I don’t see any lift one ?? Friend B: HAR? Don’t tell me we have to take the stairs!! ALL OF US : WWHHHAAATTTT FML !! Sure got lift wan la..!!

#5 Zipwire to Nami Island : 39,000 won or was it 38,000 won. Includes zipwire ride to Nami Island, entrance ticket to the island and the ticket back via ferry and a priceless adrenaline rush. 😉

#6 You will then be taken up (via lift) 80m above floor level. Wo hooo!!! It was drizzling on that day, we were lucky it wasn’t a huge downpour. OTherwise we would have missed all the fun!

#7 Let’s emm… have a look around shall we?

#8 It’s a side by side cable, so you won’t be flying down alone, unless you went there alone la! They first tie you up in this harness-seat and they will explain to you what you should do when the door infront of you opens. Basically the metal gate is the only thing seperating you from zipping down to Nami Island.

#9 AAAAAnnnndddd that’s what I meant. 😉

#10 My turn up next! wheeee

#11 I’m all set.!


#13 Look ma, I’m flying.

#14 Oh hai 🙂 Embrace the 1min 30 secs 3083 feet long ride, the air, and the view!

#15 Oh no, we’re arriving ? Hello human in front.. Watch out!

#16 Orite, long but quick ride. Dont quite make sense but it’s Awesome.

Now we’re at Nami Island. What can we do here ??

Check out the next post then. 🙂

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11 Comments on Korea Trip 2011- Zipwire @ Gapyeong Wharf & How to get to Nami Island.

  1. Endi says:

    thanks a lot for the post, but absolutely after reading the direction is as confused as ever, hahaa 😀

  2. Wow what a FUN TRIP! Looks awesome!

  3. Maameemoomoo says:

    I haven’t booked my hotel yet, can u believe it?!?!

    Girl, thanks for the detailed info.. So useful! I’ll be back very very often end of this month!

  4. jo says:

    Grogeous pictures and the zip wire looks really fun.

  5. Hazel Tan says:

    Hey is it possible to try the zip wire with luggage? or will they send our luggage separately? cuz i’ll be going to nami island straight after i land in incheon

  6. Endi says:

    hii, in order to get the shuttle bus ticket, can I just be there early or have to make reservation hor? Coz i read on some website they said need to call n reserve, did u call? haha thanks yah

  7. nadia says:

    Hye!! I found that your experiences in Seoul were really awesome! How I really wish to have that moments to. I will visit Seoul for full 5days + 5 nights in march 2012. Hope I can ask you about the transportation there. & may I know where did u stay in Seoul coz me & my friends aren’t decided the place yet. Do reply me via email may u? Thank u. 😉

  8. Jacklyn says:

    Do you know if 7year olds are allowed to do zip line? It looks amazing and I’m all for saving time. We’re going for 10 days and I’m trying to do as as much as possible everyday so there will be plenty of time to shop as well!

    • Swee San says:

      Hi Jacklyn, I know they have a height requirement but I’m not sure what is the minimum. Maybe u can ask them via their website?

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