Korea Trip 2011 – Paris Baguette

Ok so now we’re done with supper and what comes next. Sleep, then breakfast!

Before that, here’s what you missed.

1. Seoul Highlights (photos)
2. Itinerary and Hotel Astoria

3. How to get from Incheon Airport to Seoul downtown
4. First taste of local food (in a 24 hrs restaurant)

Breakfasts are highly important when travelling. It wakes you up, gives you energy for all the walking and it’s another chance to sample local food; so why not! Paris Baguette is a South-Korean based French Boulangerie.It first began in 1988 at a single location and has grown to become the No. 1 franchise bakery in Korea. There are over 1,700 locations in 3 different countries and I’m not surprised. Almost every subway station in Seoul, there is a PB nearby. If there wasn’t any PB, there would be others like De Chocolate, Cafe Beme, Paris Croissant, Hollys Coffee etc. Tho really, Paris Baguette and Paris Croissant are more similar to each other and the rest are more cafe-ish.

*their coffee menu comes with price and calorie counts T__T*


We had most of our breakfasts there as it was near and quick. It was yummy too. The sandwiches look scrumptious and appealing with the vibrant colours of vegetables and ham, unlike the ones here. Not just breakfast, cakes too but I didn’t really fancy their cake since it looks overly cladded with non-dairy cream. But my friends bought me one of their coffee cakes from PB, the innards weren’t as pumped up with cream as much as I thought it would have. I bought a chocolate kumquat cake from another place, which I regretted buying only ONE; it was so darn good !! But we’ll keep that for another day. I should have bought more cakes from there. And another place I wanted to go; Duchamp which was featured in the Kim Sam Soon K-drama, in Apgujeong area, has been closed down. Utterly disappointed 🙁 So I didn’t really try as much cakes from Korea as I want to. But at least I had one very awesome cake 😉

#1 Egg and ham sandwich with strawberry milk. Love the milk carton box. !! Hi M’sia you need to come up with milk boxes as cute as this Thanks.


#2 Anpan with streusel topping. Love the red bean filling. not sweet and still has semi mashed red bean inside.


#3 Almond croissant.


#4 Their version of rotiboy, mexican bun. One of the best sellers. It’s not as oily as the ones here in Malaysia. With the calorie counts on the menu, you bet the bread would have lesser oil lol.


#5 I am not a fan of tomato juice, but my friend said it tasted sweet… which i’m not entirely sure if it’s good or bad cause I don’t take tomato juice.

#6 I think this was a Tuna sandwich, packed to go. Looks yummy.

#7 One of my friend ate this, i think it was a sausage and cheese roll or something.

#8 Up close, the egg and ham sandwich with cheese. These were packed to-go as well. Doesn’t it look much more vibrant than the egg and ham sandwiches here..

#9 Bottled something honey fruit juice.  Can’t see the word tho.

#10 Take away coffee cups… Oh that was the bicycle that we rode in Nami Island too!!

#11 Another of those ham and cheese bread!

#12 Yet another ham mini croissant.

#13 Long stick pie on the right. Was actually very yummy. it was puff pastry at the bottom and a very thin layer of jam inbetween the top most layer and the 2nd layer. The top layer tasted a little different from the usual puff pastry, so I’m very keen to know what the top layer is  and how about to make it. I also bought a chestnut jelly and red bean jelly to bring back home.

I’m not really sure what the locals eat for breakfast in Korea. From the dramas, haejangguk (rice in broth) seemed like a breakfast choice, served with banchan as well… If there was a shop nearby that sells haejangguk, I’m sure I’d have that on one of the days too. But only 1 stomach and so much food to eat! Tell me HOW!!??!!

Prices of bread start from 800 won (RM 2.30), sandwiches mostly are from 2,000 won (RM5.74) onwards.

Next up : Everland!!! !!!!

14 thoughts on “Korea Trip 2011 – Paris Baguette

  1. I love that Almond croissant, look so yummy! Ya, if you want to try the sweet corn soup and please don’t omit the dried oyster. If you omit, the soup will be slightly difference taste, the dried oyster makes the soup taste very good.

  2. The Anpan with streusel topping looks SO good! Such a good idea to have a streusel topping to add more texture. Will have to keep that in mind the next time I make red bean buns.


  4. REALLY? Duchamp was closed down? :'(
    I was in Korea last summer. Was planning to go there but didn’t have much time. I said I’ll definitely go there when I return. Didn’t know it has been closed since 2011 (? – date of your blog entry).

    1. well i was at the building where duchamp was previously at but it’s a wedding / bridal studio now. i asked around the people working there and they said its closed. So im not sure if they have moved elsewhere or, i just got the wrong building. which i’m sure it wasn’t unless the website gave the wrong address 😛

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