From LCCT to Incheon, AREX and T-money

We flew with AirAsia X to Seoul, so we would be travelling from LCCT to Incheon International Airport.

Flight departure time : 1.55pm

Traveling duration : 6 hours

Arrival in Seoul: 8.55 pm (local time) Seoul is 1 hour faster than Malaysia, makes it GMT +9 hours

There are a few ways to go to the city from the airport; AREX, airport shuttle bus to selected hotels, taxi, and bus. We took AREX from Incheon Airport to our hotel. Then with the Airport Shuttle Bus from Sejong Hotel (5 mins away from Hotel Astoria) back to Incheon.

Since we’re going to our hotel, which was located at Chungmuro station (Line 3, Line 4, exit 4) I shall break down the journey from the airport to Chungmuro station. If you are travelling to Seoul, always check which subway station is near to your hotel and maneuver your way around it. But nevertheless, the last station for AREX is at Seoul Station.

AREX, like KLIA’s Express Rail Link, connects Incheon International Airport to Seoul downtown. Well it is one of the easier way if your hotel is located near Seoul Station or Hongik University Station, but if you’re going to transfer lines, it may take a longer time. So when you check out from the airport, look for “Airport Railway” signs and just follow. It may take about 10 mins to walk to the booth for AREX tickets

*Our single journey ticket from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station. From Seoul Station, we bought T-Money and transfered line to Chungmuro Station.

There are 2 types of AREX trains, the normal and the express ones. There is no need to get express train tickets when the travel time is only 10 minutes faster, but costs almost 3 times more than the regular tickets. The train was clean and well ventilated. Since it was already very late at night, it was quite empty.


A’rex single journey to Seoul Station. 4,300won (RM12.34) (3,800 for ticket and 500 refundable deposit)
Single journey from Seoul Station to Chungmuro: 1000won (RM 2.87) or 900 won (RM2.58) with T-Money
Duration : about 50-60 minutes depending on how fast you walk.

Total : 5,300 won (RM15.21)

Airport Shuttle Bus

Like I mentioned earlier, on our way back to Incheon on the last day, we took the Airport Shuttle Bus because we refuse to pull our luggages between train stations. Our hotel provides free shuttle ride to the Airport Shuttle Bus stop which is in front of Sejong Hotel. So then we just loaded the bus with out luggages then hopped in and slept the journey back to Incheon.

Myeongdong to Incheon International Airport with Airport Shuttle Bus for 10,000 won (RM28.70)
Duration: approximately 70 minutes

I would suggest that you take the Airport Shuttle Bus back to Incheon Airport because you don’t want to be walking from train to train with your 20kg luggage. It is only RM13 different and trust me, it will be the best RM13 you’ll spend during the trip.

Ok now that you know going to your hotel from Incheon International Airport isn’t that difficult, let’s have a look at their T-Money Card. And what is T-Money. It’s a travel /transportation card, similar to HK’s Octopus card, you can get the card, reload it to ease your travelling. Saves you some money and alot of time from queuing to pay. Throughout the whole journey, I kinda used close to 20,000 won ( RM57.40) for the trip of 6 days.

First you need to BUY THE CARD. The machine looks like this (pic below) Just follow the instructions in English.


A box would drop out and the card is in it. In the box there are actually some discount vouchers for locals and foreigners.The card is 3,000 won (RM 8.61) and the price of the card is not refundable even after you return the card for refunds at the end of your trip. The card has no credit and the next thing you need to do is to reload the card. you can do so in the same machine, or the other machines next to it. You can also reload them at selected convenience stores. To refund the balance of the card, you can do so at these selected convenience stores (GS25, FamilyMart, 7-11, ministop).

To reload the card, you just have to follow the instructions on the touch-screen. There is a translation of English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.


Once it’s reloaded, you’re good to go. You can use it to pay train and bus fares.

Base fare for 12km 19 years and older 13-18 years old 7-12 years old
Transportation Card 900 Won 720 Won 450 Won
Cash 1,000 Won 1,000 Won 450 Won

– Free for children 6 years or younger.
– For total distances exceeding 10 kilometers, the charge is 100 won for each additional 5 kilometers.
– For total distances exceeding 40 kilometers, the charge is 100 won for each additional 10 kilometers.
– For journeys outside Seoul, the charge is 100 won for each additional 5 kilometers and 100 won for each additional 10 kilometers if the total trip exceeds 35 kilometers.


PS: All conversions are based on 1,000won to RM 2.87 exchange rate.

More resources HERE.

Check out the hotel we stayed and our itinerary here.



8 Comments on From LCCT to Incheon, AREX and T-money

  1. Chris says:

    Thank you for a great post, I followed your instructions and got the bus (not train) from the airport to Chungmuro station where my hotel is located and also bought a T-money card.

  2. Angie says:

    txs for the detailed itineraries! going to Seoul for 2 nights in Dec before proceeding to Hawaii. Would you recommend Astoria Hotel or others?

  3. Lin says:

    Hi, I’m visiting Seoul for 6 days late April ’12 and will be staying in Astoria Hotel as well. I plan to use the bus from Incheon to the hotel and understand it stops at Sejong Hotel which is opposite Astoria. Is it difficult to cross the road, given that I’ve luggage with me? What’s the walking distance between the 2 hotels?

    • Swee San says:

      Hi Lin,
      It’s probably about 500m away. We got a shuttle van provided by the hotel to go to Sejong Hotel then to take the shuttle bus as we had more luggages on hand. If u only have 1 bag, it’s not a problem to cross the road cause they have pedestrian crossings at traffic lights (IF i’m not wrong).

  4. Kk says:

    Hye, T-Money can use to Seoul City Tour bus or not?

  5. I am so grateful for your writeup. It makes my first trip to Seoul more manageable. Thank you!

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