Seoul Highlights

Oh Hi, I’m back from the land of hot guys spicy kimchi.  For now, some pics to sum up the entire trip as I forsee I would need many many days to compile everything and put it up. You know, post holiday blues, brain ain’t working efficiently. Haha

PS:  Not so much about the looks, but more of their attire. :X Ok la they’re not exceptionally good looking except for 1 Thai guy we saw in the airport, and 1 who works in a sewing store. Generally they just have better beauty genes 😛

Ok random pics start now!

















Ok That’s it for now, more in the next few days.


6 Comments on Seoul Highlights

  1. Su-yin says:

    I wanna visit Korea! I would overeat SO much if I was there… 😛 Can’t wait to see more photos of food. Ahem.

    • Swee San says:

      Su-yin, about 1000 photos it’s going to take me a while to upload them all tee hee hee

      pigpigscorner, my new found Korean food love… haha shinramyun + cheese

  2. I spot noodles and cheese! nom nom nom

  3. ai wei says:

    very very nice pic! i wanna visit to korea… huhuuu

  4. mycookinghut says:

    I went to Seoul a long time ago.. I am going to check out all the post you wrote about it 😉

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