Korea Trip 2011: Everland Amusement Park

1. Seoul Highlights (photos)

2. Itinerary and Hotel Astoria

3. How to get from Incheon Airport to Seoul downtown

4. First taste of local food (in a 24 hrs restaurant)
5. Paris Baguette

I must say, our Korea escapade has been quite adventurous! We did the roller coast thing, flying across 800m over a river to another island, cycling under the rain, and… now, don’t you think it’s enough for a short trip ? Haha Korea’s well known for their amusement park, mainly Lotte World and Everland. It’s quite tough to pick which to go, or tell you which is better when I’ve only been to one (and most people have anyway). In the end, we picked to go Everland anyways.

Everland has few parts, the Resort, the main park, and Caribbean bay. We skipped the Caribbean Bay as it was a water park and we spent almost the entire day (till 5pm-ish) just in the main park. I doubt we’d have time to squeeze both in one day!

So how to go to Everland.

You can grab a cab and move your way there but it will cost you an arm since it’s about 1 hour away. Public transports are very convenient in Seoul, so we took the bus.

First. From wherever you are, take a train to Gangnam Station(Subway Line 2) . Then exit through Exit 6. Walk straight for about 200m till you reach Krispy Kreme store on your left. The bus station is just there. Take bus 5002 (ticket 1,8000 won) and it goes all the way to Everland. Once you reach the last stop, you’d need to walk about 100m to another station (don’t worry, it is very visible) and take the free Everland shuttle bus into the park itself.

The station in front of Krispy Kreme in Gangnam. Ready to take train to Everland!!!


about 1 hour later, you will reach the public bus station, then you will see this, Everland’s free shuttle bus. This will take you right into Everland Theme Park.


In the shuttle bus ..


We arrive and bought tickets of course! Day ticket for adult is 38,000 won (RM109) but we got it ar 31,000 (RM88.97) because I had a discount booklet which I took from the Korean Tourism Organization in Menara Hap Seng, KL.


In we go….

It’s a fake tree…A huge one. But the flowers at the bottom are real..

Spring time (well, almost end of Spring anyway)


That’s it for now. Will upload more when I have time 😉 The next post will be about the rides in Everland Theme Park! Watch out for THIS






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  1. Did you travel there without a travel guide? Do you speak korean because as far as i know, koreans don’t really speak English… I’m planning a trip to korea with my friends but we’re having a dillema as to wander on our own or get a tour guide.

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