Korea Trip 2011 – Nami Island

I really didn’t mean to not blog for so long, or not put up a recipe of food. It’s just that I’ve been rather busy last two weeks in rushing for the opening of a new store by the company I work with. That being said, it’s open now! and I have a little bit time to breathe before another outlet opens in a couple of months, and also in between that, moving to a new place! rrawwwrrr I hope to be moving in 2 months time and yup there will then be a huge kickass kitchen island to roll with. tee hee hee .

That aside, I swear I’m trying my best to put up all the Korea posts. Please bear with me. I’m half way there !!

So Nami Island. Now if you have some idea already on how to go to Nami Island from Seoul, here are some pictorial guide on the things you can do there 😉 Of course, just one click on google, you’ll find many more. Be sure to take time to explore the beautiful Nami Island by foot or by a bicycle!

#1 Hello Nami.

#2 Most main walk ways looks like this. There were alot of people on that day, it was really hard to not get a picture without a human anywhere in the picture. But you’ll have to be there to feel it.

#3 I think this was mint chocolate capsule ice cream. Try the grape too! it’s nice

#4 Yummy ramen. Even the yolks are runny <3

#5 It was raining on that day, and because the island was kinda big to be walked on foot, we decided to rent some bicycles for all of us. It’s MUUUUCCCHHH faster that way. Trust me. Whether it’s raining or not, GET THE BICYCLE!

#6 Made famous by Winter Sonata.

#7 You can say that apart from the tranquil beauty of the Nami Island, it’s quite Winter-Sonata-fied. I didn’t watch the drama so I couldn’t be more bothered. But you know, it has to be one of those “been there done that” thing to do when it comes to travelling.We had a tough time looking for this statue, fyi, it’s near the bicycle rental place. It’s hidden behind a wooden house/shop

#8 Somewhere near there, there’s an area full with stacked rocks. We just thought that, “eh, instead of throwing coins into a wishing well, stacking stones will do?” Hehehe so yah,… HAHAHA

#9 A scene for pirates of the Caribbean? Not. I read that there’s suppose to be a mermaid statue here (near the jetty where the ferry stops) But it was no where to be seen on the waters. It has fallen and was hidden at the side behind the bushes. Well, must be the tide.

#10 Oh well then, don’t forget to take a group picture that the background is too beautiful to be real that it looks like a wallpaper.


Bed time 😉

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  1. Hello,

    May I know if you take zipwire to Nami but ferry back from Nami to Seoul, do you buy the Integrated 2-way Shuttle bus fee ~21000won?

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