Korea Trip 2011 – Chicken Galbi, Gangnam, Seoul

Now we’re talking right ? Finally it’s the food post. And finally I have time to sit in front of the macbook at home. Been quite busy this 2 weeks. But not to worry, things are kinda back to normal now.

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So after Everland, we took the bus back to Gangnam. On the main street (where krispy kreme is) Turn into the lanes and you see some few streets of brightly lit signage and tteobokki vendors. We were looking for dinner obviously from the lack of real food in amusement park (as usually ain’t it?) We ended up in this Galbi restaurant. It looks like a big huge sizzling hot plate smack right in the middle of the table. So curious enough because it’s one of the first days we are in Korea, we went in, sat, and let the spicy-adventure begin!

Because I know my memory won’t serve me well enough to remember the pricing for each dish, or the name of the restaurant (because it’s written in Hangul anyway) here are more pictures!

G A L    B I … GALBI (No, I’m just guessing tee hee hee)

It’s similar to hot plate (like Pepper Lunch) but without the sizzle. Still the same amount of smoke. 😛 We got the Seafood and chicken galbi for 2-3 pax (there were 4 of us to share that portion, in fact I think it can go to 5 pax (with rice) because it was SO SO SO SPICY!! but OH SO YUM!!)


Pa-jeon. Korean Pancake. I haven’t found a really good one here in KL (I honestly don’t eat out that much) Infact, those in Sydney were actually pretty similar to what they have in Korea. Juicy seafood, Chinese chives, and pancake just thick enough to cover the seafood. Ah, why didn’t we eat more of these…


Udon with spicy paste. The udon in Korea are good too!! It’s ‘Q’ and not floury / mushy. But the spicy paste was oh so spicy! It’s like a concentrated chili paste and it’s meant to be added into the hot plate to be cooked with the rest of the ingredients.


Here comes the horror! Chicken marinated with some spicy red pepper sauce (I’m guessing it’s a spicier version of gojujang) The pan is about 20 inches diameter and you really need it to be that big. They will then add leek and onions, and other ingredients such as mushroom or seafood if you have ordered that. Overwhelming.

In goes the rest of the ingredients! Leeks are huge 😛 Mushrooms are abundance *yay*

Alas, it makes you wonder how much chili has gone into the process of making this dish. Not to worry! It wasn’t all spicy and nothing else. It’s a kick at your tongue (and lips) but you can still taste the freshness of the ingredients and the peppery gojuchang (I just assume it is somewhat similar to it) This won’t be your cup of tea if you can’t take spicy food. But yum I love LOVE LOVE spicy food 😛

If you’re thinking of dieting, no it won’t happen because you need alot of rice to eat with this Chicken and Seafood Galbi. trust me.


Streets of Gangnam.


Next it will be Zipwire in Gapyeong Wharf to Nami Island. One of the best highlights of the trip 😉 Stay tuned.


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  1. Saw the seoul highlights post, lovely clicks. Very timely post too, my hubby is heading to Korea for work soon, and he hasn’t been before so I’ll make sure he reads this before he heads over 🙂 The food looks delicious, I love spicy too.

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