Early Christmas Surprise! x 2 (and Pantry Magic KL)

Now I hope I’ve got your attention!!ย  Take a guess what’s in this envelope?

Heh. Any guesses ?

uhm.. it’s for you guys!!! not for me but for you! two of you!! (hence 2 envelopes)

*guess again!*



2x RM 100 gift vouchers from Pantry Magic Kuala Lumpur. and I’m giving it out to 2 of my lucky readers to thank you for all the support you’ve given to this blog of mine. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Pantry Magic Kuala Lumpur has generously sponsored the gift vouchers for this Christmas Giveaway. If you’re looking for some cool, colourful kitchen toys or small gadgets, this is the place to go. Kid you not, I feel like buying everything from there everytime I go there, like a kid in a willy wonka store. Pantry Magic was honored with the Global Innovator Award (GIA) for Asia 2008/2009 by the International Housewares Association, naming Pantry Magic as leading housewares retailer of the year in Asia.

They are located in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur (or you can check out their FB page) Stocked from pots and pans, to stockpots, mixing bowls, spatulas and turners, knives and steels, mortar-and-pestles, rubber scrapers, silicone and traditional metal bakeware, roasters, whisks, spoons, sieves, basters, and skimmers.

Need a roasting pan for Christmas? oh they have quite a good range of roasting pans of different sizes and different medium. with RM 100 gift voucher. oh wht’s there not to love this Christmas ๐Ÿ˜‰ Or you can get a microplane for all the zests and grated chocolate. Trust me, once you use a microplane for zesting, you’ll won’t turn back to the regular graters. And ramekins! oh right, stop asking me where to buy ramekins. this place has tons and tons of it, with different colours and sizes to choose from. =D

Pantry Magic offers cooking / baking classes over the weekends to, so just check out their store or fanpage and get their schedule. Or pop by over the weekend to see if you’re in luck to catch them baking a cake or two..


So, are you delighted yet? Pumped up?

Now here’s how to win the vouchers.

First, you’ve gotta be able to use the voucher, (that saying, you don’t necessary have to be a Malaysian, but u need to be in Malaysia before the voucher expires in 1st Dec 2012 ) *Don’t worry if you are not eligible, I have another giveaway for overseas readers. <this will come in the next post

Second, (you know I won’t let it be an easy win right) Cook or bake anything you wish, but the dish has to have red and/or green. It can be a green pesto stuffing in a chicken roulade, it can be a red velvet cake, or a red dyed boiled egg, or a cranberry and green tea shortbread, maybe even a beetroot and spinach salad, a cupcake with fondant santa claus works too!! Really, it says anything. Then put it up on your blog (or if you don’t have a blog, you can email me)

Third, insert this somewhere in your blog post “I am submitting this to the Christmas Giveaway in The Sweet Spot

Forth, submit via email (swee.san at gmail.com) with the details below:

your name:
blog link of the dish:
title of your dish:

*Please email with the subject #Christmas Giveaway 2011

There’s no limit to however much entries you want to submit. The more the better. Of course, by submitting your entry, I would already assume that if you win the voucher, you will be able to use it (either for yourself or as a gift). NOTE: Pantry Magic is not on e-commerce yet, so the vouchers ARE ONLY VALID in PANTRY MAGIC KL located in BANGSAR, KL.

ย T&C

1. You can submit your entries from now till 11 dec 2011 (3 weeks!) Winners will be announced on 12 dec 2011

2. Blog posts must be dated from 21/11/11 to 11/12/11. Sorry but using a old blog post is just unfair.

3. The dish itself, can be sweet or savoury, must have red and / or green in it.

Put on your thinking cap all you minions.. ๐Ÿ™‚


Ok now I’ll give you a hint on what you can make ๐Ÿ˜‰

Montebello Macarons from Pierre Herme’s newly translated macaron book. I was in great delight when the book arrived. (ordered from Bookdepository; free delivery) Browsed through the entire book and I wanted to make the Montebello first. Pistachio and Raspberry. AND white chocolate. What’s not to love. Furthermore, I had just bought Valrhona’s Ivoire, a good quality pistachio paste and a tubful of raspberry. It’s gotta be awesome isn’t it when you have all the ingredients on hand whenever you want to make something!

There’s also another reason. Don’t the colours shout Christmas!!!! Green and red… mmm Candy canes, wreaths, christmas tree, ornaments, reindeers… Do you feel the Christmas vibe yet?, or should I put some christmas carols ๐Ÿ˜› Well ok I’m not going to put up the recipe here at this post (maybe the next).

Go! go ! go!

Make something in red and / orย  green, and stand a chance to win one of the two RM 100 gift voucher from Pantry Magic.

Oh don’t we all love giveaways!


Oh but if you are eager to make a trip to Pantry Magic now, here’s the address

Pantry Magic Kuala Lumpur

49, Jalan Telawi Tiga, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +60322011578ย ย Fax: 03 22823887

Open everyday 10am – 9pm.

ย Again, thanks to Pantry Magic for the sponsor. =D

30 thoughts on “Early Christmas Surprise! x 2 (and Pantry Magic KL)

  1. Janine, yup yup join!!

    Wendy, oh. heh… and lots more stuffs!

    Susan, oh digital thermometer is one of my fav kitchen gadget!! looking forward to your entry

  2. WOW!! Giveaways like this will surely make silent followers (*cough, cough…me… cough*) not so silent anymore… Will surely try my best!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I already have so many ideas in my head, I don’t care if I don’t win, but it sure sounds fun!
    Gosh, will the blogosphere be flooded with all things red and green? Yikes! Then you are the culprit.

  4. Hmm, sounds fun. Though I have no use for the prizes because I am based in Singapore, I hope something green and red will come out of my kitchen before I go off for my holidays.
    Thank you for your posts. They have been most inspiring.

  5. Li Sa, looking forward to see ur dish

    Nasi Lemak Lover, aww thats too bad.. cause u can cook / bake nice dishes.

    Wendy, i’m not cult haha u know what i mean. lol

    The Experimental Cook, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ well the vouchers are valid till next year’s Dec, if you come down to KL, u’ll be able to use it!

    pohsem, you can get it from jaya grocer frozen section.

    FiSh, dont have to include baking, either cooking / baking can do.

  6. Swee San…count me in !!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks, I always look forward to this kind of Christmas Giveaway contest that comes with cooking and baking :))) this is the time where I can use my thinking cap to the fullest. Now, I am drooling over the cooking stuff in Pantry Magic ! gasping away…my wallet cant take it leh… LOL!

  7. OMG this place looks absolutely AMAZING! Why don’t they have something like this in Penang… sniff. I haven’t been to KL in so long! But the next time I go I definitely know where I must stop by.

    p.s. Sad but true: I spy a few things in the photos that I already own. ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. hi swee san, yeah, read abt the pantry magic from sonia’s blog earlier. If i have to chance, i would like to drop by too! as for your giveaway, i’ll see if i’m able to participate, that’s a generous gift!!

  9. Hi Swee San,
    I would really love to participate! There’s a long list of things on my “kitchen wishlist”! The RM100 voucher would definitely make that list shorter! I have been meaning to visit Pantry Magic for quite some time now, hopefully it will be soon! Thank you for organizing!

  10. We have Pantry Magic here in SIngapore too but I think you have a bigger store there than here.

    V sweet of them to sponsor this wonderful gift.

    Shall see whether I get a chance to participate too.

    I love your col combi for your mac. Lovely!

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