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Hi! I discovered her passion to bake when she was studying architecture. Having eager to pursue her love for pastry arts, I decided to take on the Diplome de Patisserie in Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney in 2006. Even after having trained as a Wilton Method Instructor for 2 years, she has never stopped learning after from international cake decorators as well such as Peggy Porschen, Maggie Austin, LiMa Cakes and Nana Cake. While I love to experiment with different flavours to create reinterpretation of classics, I believe a good strong foundation in the basics of baking is just as important.

While choosing and adapting a healthier lifestyle in the past year of 2019, I have discovered and re-learned on what healthy means to me. Hence, I will also share recipes on healthy cooking and some lifestyle hacks.


I enjoy sharing my knowledge with like-minded people and thus I have updated my blog with a Youtube Channel. Please support me on my channel and Instagram as well, and hope you enjoy the recipes!


 When you learn, teach. When you get, give. – Maya Angelou


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