6 min egg

This is the easiest but most satisfying egg dish next to a half-boiled egg. I absolutely love soft boiled egg, with some soy sauce and a dash of white pepper, and any way of cooking eggs that results in gooey, molten egg yolks. #yolkporn.

I’m also not sure what the internet obsession is with gooey, flowy, wobbyly food, as such, eggs benedict, chocolate lava cake, panna cotta, burnt cheese cake! But you’ll have to admit, it catches the eye and pleases your palate.

It may seem like a very long wordy text for something so simple like a 6 minute egg. Well technically it isn’t just 6 minutes, it’s 6 min 30 seconds egg, if you use a small egg, it will be 6 minutes.

All you need is, egg, a small pot with boiling water, a spoon, and a timer, in which your phone already has that function. You would also want to have a bowl of ice water ready for the egg once it’s done cooking but you can just run it under tap water to cool the egg down and stop its cooking.

Here’s a video to further explain.

Here are some tips and notes to take of.

I use large free range eggs thats about 60g, that would take 6 min 30 seconds. I keep my eggs in the fridge and I usually take it out from the fridge before cooking, while waiting for the water to boil.

Smaller medium size eggs ~50-55g would probably take 6 min 10-15 seconds, but you can try to find your sweet spot.

Using eggs straight from the fridge, may cause the egg to crack due to the difference in temperature (cold egg < hot water).

If this method works for you, please leave a comment, or share it on Instagram and tag me (@sweesan), I would love to see your dish!


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