Redeeming books from Borders with BCard points

Well as you may have know, the next thing I spend most on besides food (and dog food), are books, cookbooks to be more specific. I much prefer going to Borders as their selection is quite vast, second from Kinokuniya (it’s in KLCC and way too far for me) So I either buy online, or from Borders. And u know, sometimes I get a little stingy when getting books cause books sold here are more expensive anyway. So I kinda found something rewarding along the way

 BCard . So what is Bcard ? It is a premier lifestyle and brand-focused reward programme which allows members to collect points and redeem them at participating outlets. There are no annual fees. You can collect BPoints for every purchase and redemption. 1 BPoint is equivalent in value to 1 sen (100 BPoints = RM1). So you can redeem the points when you purchase the books, then who knows, it may even buy u a lunch at Wendy’s or Kenny Rogers, or even better, enjoy a cuppa in Starbucks with your new book!

So my BCard has 10,000 points, which is equivalent to RM 100.  As with the usual me, since Border’s is listed as one of the BCard merchant, that’s my first choice of place to go.

I’ve been wanting to get Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking for the longest time. But I just never got around to doing it.

There are 2 volumes to this title, and well, I wanted to get both at the same time.

Each book is RM 71.50, thus both would be RM 143.00 right? No. Haha. See, one of the book had a very visible tear ? at the last page. I asked the customer service attendant if there are anymore new books or would they be ordering any after this? No and no!! BUT he said that I can ask for a discount, say about 20-30% ?

Well, if it’s not torn INSIDE, it’s good for me. So then I went over to the cashier and asked.

This is the FIRST time ever, that I’ve seen a cashier utter more words than just the total price of the items, and the usual greetings. Well because he had to consult his supervisor for permission of discounts, there were some “awkward moments of silence” in between. So then the conversation went like this …

“So did u know these series of book actually inspired someone, then to write a book and it became a movie?”

“Yeah.. Julie & Julia right?”

“Yeah! Like how can a cookbook change a person’s life so much right?? ” <Oh well, you bet it does!>

“Did u know Julia Child was a spy before she began the whole cooking thing?”

“WHAT ? spy ? really?”

“Yeah yeah… blablabla ” went on explaining abt her being a spy … “I’ve seen her youtube videos and …… “mimics JC’s voice” Haha, how can someone with a voice like that become a spy for xxxxx ?”

” Maybe it’s because she had a voice like that, no one would suspect she is a spy.?”

“Oh and do u also know what Julie Powell, after the whole cooking thing, did?”

“Yeah, she became a butcher?”

“Yeah.. there’s also a book about it, but its more … explicit compared to the first book she written”

“Oh ok.. ”

…. Supervisor came and gave me a discount of 30% for the ‘damaged’ book.

“Oh by the way, I’m using the bCard to pay for the books” (you need to tell them whether you want to redeem the points in the bcard, orr just for collection so they do it right)

“Oh I’m not really sure on how to do this, I think my supervisor can help you”

“Oh ya, I have the Border’s membership card, can I get more discounts ? But I forgot to bring the card”

“Sure just give me your IC no., I’ll check it for u”


why tiba tiba these people so nice?

So in total, my bill came up to just RM 114.40 and I used the bcard to redeem RM 1o0, and paid just RM  14.40 for both of Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Also, the when the bill came, they also rewarded me with 114 points for the ‘purchase’.

Sweet. Please excuse me as I’m going to make some beef bourguignon ala Julia Child 🙂

Now if you would like to own your own BCard, you can apply through the website. It’ free and there are no annual fees!


Here are other BCard merchant partners.

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