Brownies with a kick!

I love brownies, they’re fudgey, less cakey and rich in chocolate. and they’re easy to make! simple ingredients and no fancy mancy tools needed I came across David Lebovitz’s Cheesecake Brownies and wanted to make them.Chocolate + Cream Cheese =…

Dulce de Leche & Banoffee Pie

I have been curious what this Dulce de Leche is about. All the gooey caramely sticky sweet slimey thingamajig.. Even the name sounds so delicious! T____T|| And so I made it impromtu yesterday night after work.. Bottom Right = dulce…

Night Run @ Putrajaya

Shape & Men’s Health Magazine Night Run – 25th July 2009 Precinct 3, Putrajaya I wouldn’t have thought I could run 11.5km a year ago. I couldn’t run for nuts. But so semangat wanna join marathon. I think it’s a…


Like it or not, over rated or not, cupcakes are an icon by itself. Well if its overrated, it means u’ve not tasted better cupcakes before! 😛 hahaha

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