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Since lately the posts has been about Singapore or about eating out places, here’s a slot about cake decorating. I will be sharing some step by steps, be it in photos or vidoes (yes, I’ve done 2, haven’t edit them yet.. ) It could be about cooking, baking or cake decorating. Or maybe some silly videos of my dog doing something funny.. ANYWAY… let’s get back to Tut 101.

Cherry Blossoms, also known as Sakura are found mainly in Japan. They bloom during the beginning of the year (Feb – April), but it also depends on weather and location. There are over a hundred of cherry tree varieties in Japan and the look of the cherry blossom varies between each tree on colour, petals and form of tree.

Somei Yoshino (Yoshino Cherry)
Image from japan-guide.com

These cherry blossoms are very commonly used on cakes because they’re simple to make yet it looks pretty. Like the tree, it usually looks nice when there’s a bunch or abundant of it. The beauty of this flower is usually, there aren’t much leaves and there’s only 5 petals. It is a great flower for beginners to learn how to make. It looks great of cakes and cupcakes as well.

Tools needed :

1. Flower Paste
2. Blossom cutter
3. Thin Foam Pad
4. Small sharp scissors
5. Ball tool (white)
6. Veining tool (black)
7. Small rolling pin


Step 1

Roll flower paste thinly (approx 1mm thick). Use the blossom cutter (somewhat medium size) and cut out a piece. If you’re familiar with the steps already, you can cut a few out and do it the production way..

Step 2

Remove the rest of paste which are not being used. Keep in ziplock bag to prevent from drying out. Place the cut piece on a mat. The quick way is to just use the ball tool and press down on a thick foam and dry on a egg carton, but this wouldn’t make it look real

Step 3

Use a pair of sharp scissors and cut slits between each petal. You can use a spatula to make the cut but I find scissors so much easier and quicker. Slit should be just 5mm long. By making the slit, it will allow the petals to frill better.

Step 4

If u have a veiner, it will save your time x 100. But otherwise, use a veining tool. I find this tool very useful as you can use it on almost all the flowers that needs veining. This will create the effect of a real petal and u can see some texture on it, especially if u’re dusting them with colour. Ideally, you’re only veining the petals, not the inner part.

Step 5

Now, place the flower paste on a thin foam mat and use a ball tool to thin the outer corner of the petals. Trick is to place the ball in between the petals and mat to create a even and smoother look. Thinning the edges of the petal will frill the petals so there is a little bit of overlapping and flowing effect. Do on all 5 petals.

Step 6

Place the flower in a egg carton or make a bumpy sheet with aluminium foil. Let it dry for a few hours. This can be made in advance. I did mine in the early noon, and used it by night cause I had the luxury of air-con.. 😛 Flowers usually take longer time to dry in hot and humid places.

Step 7

You can do this when the flowers are semi or fully dried. I do find that the dust sticks and blends better when the flower is NOT completely dried yet. I used a light pink shade of edible dust and dust the center of the flower.

Step 8. Pipe dots in the center of the flower with yellow royal icing (oopps no pic, fail)

To know whether it’s dried or not, petals wouldn’t deform or break and fall when u lift it up.

OK, I hope the tutorial is clear and if you ever try this, let me know how it turns out.
I used is on both wedding cake and cupcakes. Will post up some of the pics later.

(Also, how do I put a “Read more” thingy? so it doesn’t take forever to load or occupy the entire page.. )

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