Singapore Trip : Tiong Bahru Market

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Continuation of Singapore trip..
Since we were staying in Link hotel, Tiong Bahru Market is just within walking distance and waking up too early to get breakfast far far away, is not really our forte..

We ate breakfast both days there as well but with different people and eating different food.. Check out the pics

Entrance. It was a bright and sunny day

I think like most markets, they sell fresh produces on the ground floor and hawker food on the 1st floor. Most of the food there are non-halal, and there alot of the same stalls selling almost the same food. Just see whichever has a bit of queue then that one’s probably a winner..

Steamed Yam Cake ???

Yam or Taro cake is quite widely known in Malaysia and Singapore. They’re usually served in Chinese eating places or Dim Sum restaurants. Yam cake’s main ingredients are rice flour and yam. My aunt adds fried dried shrimps and shallots into the yam cake to make it more fragrant. For me, I love eating yam cake, for some weird reasons. I like yam. But this one is not so fragrant..

Century Egg and Lean Meat Porridge ?????

I LOVE CENTURY EGG. as unhealthy as it is, I love the moldiness of the yolk and the jelly like texture of the white which then became brown. It is made by preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime and rice straw for several weeks to several months, depending on the method of processing. It’s the food I secretly eat when my mum is not around, cause well apparently it’s not good for the cholesterol . T___T

Mee Pok ??

Mee Pok is is of Teochew origin and is quite a staple offering in most hawker /food centers in Singapore. They’re usually served tossed in a sauce which consists mainly oil, vinegar, chili and other condiments like salt and pepper. This mee pok came with hor hee and minced pork.

Chwee Kueh ??

Traditional Teochew cupcake snack made of white steamed rice flour. Served hot and topped with preserved radish (dialect name ‘chye poh’ or ‘chai poh’) and chilli paste.
This was quite nice. The chai poh was fragrantly spicy and crunchy

Chee Cheong Fun ???

Or rather known as rice noodle roll. I don’t know why I ordered this, it wasn’t great at all. From now on, I will only eat Chee cheong fun, HK style.

Pig’s Organ Soup ???

The peppery soup usually consists of (well as the name suggests, pig’s organs) mixed pig intestine, liver, lean pork pieces, stomach, and some vegetables like Chinese lettuce. Usually served with rice or vermicelli.

Soya Bean Shop

Soya Bean Milk ??? seems to be everywhere there. Soya bean milk is made from…. soybeans! YAY so smart. It is produced by soaking dry soybeans and grinding them with water. So idealy, if your water is pure and clean, and the soybeans are good you have a pretty good soybean milk! Whether it is soya bean milk or soybean drink, I honestly can’t tell the difference.

Just count how many containers…..

Soya bean milk and cincau (grass jelly)

This concoction is made by adding some cincau (grass jelly ?? ) into the soya bean milk. With so many people queueing, the soybean milk must be good right? I would say it was nice, smooth and not dry on throat (Sometimes some soybean milk creates an aftermath of, dry throat after drinking it..)

Okay so all in all, when you step into a hawker / food centre with .. too much food that you can’t decide what to eat, do this.

1. Walk around and see which stall has quite a crowd. If the food ignites your interest, buy it.
2. Check out what other people are eating (Sometimes I do this too) This is to check if the locals eat them everyday, surely they know which is nice and which is not.
3. If still can’t decide what to eat, start over from step 1.

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