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Hello there, if you’ve noticed anything different or whatehver you’ve came to the right place, yes it’s still ,just the theme and UI has changed a little so there maybe a little bit hick ups here n there, but for now I think it’s okay.

So, Superhero. What would you think of ? All the superheroes in the damn world right. Imagine them all fighting on a cake, or well, LOOKS as if they’re fighting! Haha This cake was quite a challenge cause most of the cakes I’ve done are for young girls more than boys. So out with the pink, girly, princessy stuffs, in with rustic, rough and masculine colours and design. And when it’s such a big cake like this, it makes you think for a while.

I’m very used to covering round cakes and the edges are not as precise as square cakes. To be honest, square cakes with sharp edges eeeks the hell out of me. It most likely will tear the fondant if you’re not careful! So I was quite worried at first with these buildings. OF course it’s nothing compared to THIS done by Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes (where I took the inspiration from) the width of the cake board is 20″ and thus u can imagine the size of it. The tallest building is at about 8″ high but because Faris and Faiz’s party has more that enough food for the guests, this whole the bottom 3″ of te cake are foams. Dummy foams are great, they make your cake look bigger and more fantastic without too much wastage of cake. Some may think otherwise. Of course having real cake is best but wastage is no good either. Let’s settle with half and half ok!

So what I did was I roll and cut the individual walls with fondant + gumtex (think like how you would build a gingerbread house) for all the buildings 2 days ahead, then just stick it on the frosted cake. The drier it is, the better cause it wouldn’t collapse down vertically, but you don’t want it to be too dry otherwise it’s hard to cut through into the cake.

Of course, it’s also about getting the brick wall textures to make it more realistic and I used some edible dust to colour the walls to make it look rustic. Airbrushing would be uber fantastic but I don’t have an airbrush machine just yet. So I shall settle with dust ‘painting’ haha.

All these little details make alot of different. The picture above is a WIP picture I took with my webcam. There were just fondant walls and some windoes and a dustbin. Add some grass, dust, colour, texture and tadah you have a pretty awesome cake.

Right, the figurines aren’t fondant. I suck at making figurines. Thank god for miniature toys. !!

Ok so…. what’s next? 🙂


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  1. After the Bieber creation, I think you’ve topped yourself ! This could become your new niche! Creating birthday theme cakes!

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