Summer at 9 months

HI ! I’m Summer! and I’m 10 months now though this picture was taken a month ago. I’m sorry if I had to close my eyes, the sun was too bright 🙂

Ok So since I haven’t put up any of my dogs pictures, here’s one, or a few. *lazy to type mode*

OK Now you can see my eyes…. can I go in the house now woofwoff


OK.. So Hugo had to go to the vet for some minor operations to remove some ‘skin / pimple’ at his muzzle and somewhere between the neck and lower jaw. Finally got rid of that thing!!!!

“whut” goldens have golden eyelashes!!! hahahah

Then after the surgery he had to wear the big big collar so his hands / legs don’t scratch, thus preventing any further damages on the stitched area for 1 week. gosh!! I think he was so frustruated with it…

This is the other part. look at the amount of stitches.. Poor boy. But it’s been a month now, the fur has grown back and he looks pretty fine and dandy, except just a little bit lazy cause of old age. Only respond to “pom pom” (means to bath), “mom mom” (means to eat), “finish ur food” (Means to go back to bowl and finish his food), “kai kai” (means to go out for his daily walk) and those other usual stuffs lar.. Ok lar not that bad hahaha he’s been to a couple sessions of training when he was a pup. Like to sit, down, hand, the other hand, turn over, stay yada yada stuffs. But Summer … is a no no. She is like this super duper hyper active dog ready to pound on you if you have what she calls, FOOD! :3

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