Sicile ツツリー, Blackberries and pistachio


Apologies for the lack of posts this month. I’ve been making lots more stuffs compared to the rate I post. I don’t think anyone noticed but I hadn’t put up the cake which I brought over to a CNY pot luck at Sonia’s place. *eeekkk*

Well this cake was, obviously, like the title suggest, blackberries and pistachio.

I had bought Hidemi Sugino’s book le goût authentique retrouvé, the one with only Japanese and a French. I was going to translate and try a couple of recipes but translating Japanese isn’t the same with Chinese. So I just never got to doing it. Instead, I referred to Evan’s Kitchen Ramblings for the translated recipes. The original was made in individual mousse rings but I doubled the recipe and did it in a 8″ diameter and a 7″ square. The recipe yields 1 of 8″. Another was for my friend’s birthday that same day.

this is also my first recipe from Sugino’s book. Looking forward to try more!

PS. it’s not as pretty, but the blackberry layer was really yummy. I think blackberry is a more favourable fruit for me compared to raspberry in mousse. It’s not as tart and has a subtle sweetness to it. But why are berries SO expensive here! damn

Sicile ツツリー

(makes a 8″ dia)

Pistachio biscuit sponge :

90g almond paste (I used pistachio paste as well)

37.5g pistachio paste

45g whole eggs

40g egg yolks

25g egg whites

80g egg whites

50g caster sugar

45g corn flour

20g melted butter

Blackberry mousse :

90ml whipping cream

90g blackberry pulp

4g powder gelatin

18ml raspberry liqueur (I got mine from Seoul)

25ml water

50g sugar

25g egg whites

for the pistachio mousse :

225ml milk

25g pistachio paste

1 vanilla pod or 1 tsp vanilla bean paste

50g egg yolks

50g caster sugar

5g powdered gelatin

225ml whipping cream

for the 30°B sugar syrup imbibage :

30ml syrup (made by boiling 32.5g sugar & 25ml water together), cooled & measure out 30ml

20ml water

15ml kirsch (i used raspberry liqueur)

for the nappage neutre :

50g neutral glazing gel, warmed & strained

fresh blackberry halves & pistachios for decor

Method :

1. Make the pistachio biscuit sponge. Combine pistachio paste in a bowl, add in egg yolks, 25g egg whites & whole eggs gradually and beat until thick & fluffy. Fold in corn flour and melted butter. In another bowl whisk 80g egg whites and 50g caster sugar until stiff peaks then fold in 1/3 of the whites into the yolk mixture, followed by the rest of the whites. pour mixture into 14″ shallow tin and bake on 230C for 5-6 mins. leave to cool and cut out one 8″ and 6″ rounds.

2. To make the blackberry mousse, heat blackberry pulp until boiling. turn off heat, add in bloomed gelatin and mix well. Leave to cool, add in raspberry liqueur then whisk whipping cream until soft peaks. Fold into the puree. make italian meringue by boiling water and sugar until 117C. whisk egg whites until foamy then pour in sugar syrup and whisk until stiff peaks. measure out 30g then fold into the puree mixture. pour mixture into a 6″ round tin, refrigerate until firm.

3. To make the pistachio mousse, combine pistachio paste, milk & vanilla bean together in a pan and heat until boiling. In another bowl combine egg yolks & sugar then pour milk mixture over while stirring. Return mixture to stove and heat until 84C while stirring all the time. Add in bloomed gelatin, strain & leave to cool. whisk whipping cream until soft peaks and fold into the pistachio mixture.

4. to make the 30°B sugar syrup imbibage, combine syrup, water & kirsch in a bowl.

5. to assemble, place sponges at the bottom of the cake rings on top of a cake board. Brush generously with syrup, pour some pistachio mousse over. Place blackberry mousse on top and top up with the rest of the pistachio mousse. level the top with a spatula and refrigerate until firm. Glaze tops with neutral glazing gel and loosen the sides of the rings with blow torch. Decorate with blackberry halves & pistachios.

6 thoughts on “Sicile ツツリー, Blackberries and pistachio

  1. I always have lots of respect for bakers who can bake and decorate their cakes so well, I find it very difficult to even just frosting the cake with icing! So beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous entremet! Yeah, I totally get what you mean! Translating can be a pain sometimes! You definitely put in a lot of love in your layers! Thanks again for submitting another wonderful post!

  3. Hi Swee San,

    A very beautiful cake you have here. May I ask if you make your own pistachio paste? If you do buy, may I ask where can I get it please? Also, for the glazing agent. I would love to try out this recipe. Look forward to your reply. 🙂 Thank you.

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