Novelty birthday cakes

More cake photos.

Sorry for the lack of updates.. kinda busy lately 😛 Most photos are already up on instagram already if u haven’t follow me yet, hurry! (@sweesan)

Gold beetle. Yup, painted in shiney blimey gold edible paint

Wiggles Character. Every now and then I would get cartoons that I haven’t heard of, this was one of them..

Gymnastic theme 2 tier, in purple and white

This one is in pink and black.

Lego man invasion! Cake pops, which I’ll have the tutorial up later (When i’m not too tied up with work)

Lego head cookies (and bricks on the left)

Cupcakes in lego theme and strong basic colours..

Left, lego police station cake and on the right, lego zoo (duplo) cake. toys are real.

OK.. seriously I’ve got lots of pictures to be edited and recipes to be posted.

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