Korea Trip 2011 – Nanta (Cookin’) & Myeongdong

Oh hello! I am still only at day 3 of my Korea trip posts. I reckon better late than never! and I also think that too much travelling posts do no good to my readers. Ha. Anyways, here is a much related ‘food’ post, of the NANTA show; it’s a non verbal performance show (there are many of those in Seoul) with a theme of cooking. And  because they don’t talk (except for some extremely funny sound effect) the rhythm comes mainly from the cooking utensils. You can say it’s a little like stomp.

It. is. DARN. FUNNY!! I almost died laughing. I don’t know how the man sitting behind me can be snoring. -_- !!

Pardon my lack of vocabulary, I shall shower you with pictures instead.

Myeongdong! It’s a shopping heaven and alot of stores there are a few storeys high! Starbucks, H&M, Dunkin Donuts were 3-4 storeys high, it’s crazy! Once you see the Myeongdong Theater, in front of you, turn left and walk ahead till you see the Nanta Ticket Box

Ticket Box! But really, it’s upstairs. We got our tickets, then headed for dinner nearby. It was a 8.30pm show and it was around 7.30pm, so a quick dinner would be alright.Again, it was a ‘just-pick-any’ Korean restaurant that doesn’t look dodgy or empty.

Everything there seems yummier. Omurice with fried manduu. (Fried rice wrapped in egg omelet and fried dumpling. (5000 Won)

Manduu Japchaedeo-bap (rice, stir fried sweet potato noodles and vegetables, and fried dumpling); 5000 won

Dolsot Bibimbap (Rice and vegetables in stone hot pot)- 5500 won. Eating in Korea is fun and cozy because the table always seems so full with the side dishes and soups. It’s interactive (like how we tried talking to a old couple in another Korean restaurant lol.. we’ll save that for another day)

AFter dinner we went for the show and have I mentioned that it’s really funny!!

Tools of the trade?

 Do get your tickets in advance if you’re going in a group as it is quite packed. Other than Myeongdong, there are other theaters as well. If you’re interested in a more ‘hip and dancing’ themed performance, you can check out “Sachoom” or “Fanta-stick”.

If you sit close enough (like the 1st or 2nd row) they may drag you up to stage to help them ‘cook’!! Now let the show begin… 😉

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