Ispahan Mini Cake

I can’t think of any other names for this cake. Since it’s inspired from Pierre Herme’s Ispahan, I shall call it that then. Just think lychee, raspberry and rose; a very romantic combination of flavours, which is just perfect for this Valentines Day.

Like I mentioned earlier, we had a BBQ / Pot luck session with bloggers. I’ve already lost count on the times we’ve had gatherings, lunches, dinners, meet ups and all. It just gets better and better each time. Now, what do u get when u go to a pot luck with a bunch of food bloggers? Awesome food!!! No kidding 🙂 (and also lotsa cameras)

Pretty, much? Hrmmm.. Almost there but not quite there yet. It’s time to get proper mini cake rings. Uh but they’re so expensive *cries* Can someone tell me where to get them, cheap?? Then you must be wondering, how did I get it to this shape if I don’t have any cake rings. (Uh, actually I don’t have any turntable at home too!! HAHA I’m very used to frosting without a turntable, that is. Anyways… ) Just use acetate (or plastic cover sheets) and shape them into cylinder shapes.

I made this cake not for Valentines Day, but for a bloggers pot luck. Coincidentally, it’s reddish, kinda fits the whole Chinese New Year and Valentines’ Day theme. I’ll blog more about the pot luck in the next post, but for now, the cake first. Inspired from Pierre Herme’s Ispahan, I recreated a cake based on those flavours. The components of the cakes were rose joconde soaked with rose syrup, raspberry mousse, lychee gelee, a-macaron-which-made-no-sense-putting-it-in-there, and rose bavarian cream.

Ispahan Mini Cake

(makes 7 of 2 1/4″ diameter round cake)

Rose Joconde
30g almond meal
30g hazelnut meal *or use 100% almond meal*
2g dried rose buds
75g whole eggs
16g flour
12g melted butter
50g egg whites
8g caster sugar

Lychee Gelee
5 g gelatin powder
160g lychee puree
20g sugar
1 tbsp lychee syrup / water

Raspberry Mousse
125g raspberry puree (from frozen raspberry)
25g caster sugar (if using fresh raspberry, add sugar to taste)
7g gelatin powder
250ml cream, whipped to medium peaks

Rose Bavarian Cream
10g gelatin powder
2 egg yolks
20g caster sugar
125ml milk
1 tbsp rose extract (add to taste)
250g cream, whipped to medium peaks

Rose imbibage (soaking syrup)
100ml water
50g sugar
few drops of rose extract
few dried rose buds

Fresh raspberry
Rose petals


1. Make the gelee. Soak gelatin powder with water or lychee syrup (if using canned lychee) and let it bloom. In a food processor, whizz lychee till it’s like puree. In a saucepan, cook lychee puree and sugar till it bubbles. Remove from heat. Melt gelatin in the microwave for 1 minute. Add gelatin to lychee puree and stir. Pour into a flat surface (I used a 6″ x 6″ size ) The gelee layer should be about 1cm thick. Let it harden in the fridge overnight.

2.Make soaking syrup. Bring everything to boil in a saucepan. Leave to cool while you make the rest.

3. Make joconde. Whizz dried rose buds in a food processor. In a mixing bowl, whisk icing sugar, almond, hazelnut meal, rose and whole eggs till light and almost double in volume. It should be at a ribbon stage. In a separate bowl, whisk egg whites till soft peak. add in caster sugar and whisk till medium peak. Set aside. Gently fold in flour into whole eggs batter. Gradually fold in melted butter. Then lastly fold in meringue in 2-3 batches. Pour into a sheet pan lined with Silpat or parchment paper, spread it. Bake at 220 C for 8 minutes. Remove from oven and let it cool. Cut the cake base with round cutters. Place them in the cake rings.

4. Make raspberry mousse. Soak gelatin powder with 1 tbsp of water and let it bloom. With a food processor, puree raspberry till smooth. Pour into a small saucepan. Cook with caster sugar till bubbly. Remove from heat. Melt gelatin in the microwave for 1 minute or more. Add into the raspberry mixture and stir. Whip cream till medium peaks. Fold into the raspberry mixture over ice bath to prevent whipped cream from curdling. Fill in a piping bag and pipe evenly out on 7 cake rings making sure the sides are filled.

5. Make rose bavarian cream. Soak gelatin powder with 1 tbsp of water and let it bloom. In a saucepan, heat milk and caster sugar. In another bowl, lightly whisk egg yolks. Gradually pour the warm milk into the egg yolks while whisking at the same time. Then pour back the custard into the pot and consistently whisk it over low heat till the mixture is thick. Melt gelatin in the microwave then stir into the custard mixture. Add in rose essence, the amount depends on which type of essence you use. Fold whipped cream into the custard mixture over ice bath.

6. To assemble, lay a rose joconde and with a brush, dampen it with the rose syrup. Fill the 1/st layer with raspberry cream which is about 3-3.5 cm thick. Then lay a layer of gelee, cut with smaller round cutters ontop of the raspberry cream. Put it in the fridge to chill. Then pour in the rose bavarian cream (this is not piping friendly as it’s quite liquid-y) evenly into 7 rings. Let it chill in the fridge for 3 hours or till it has set.

7. Decorate with rose petal and fresh raspberry.

Have u fallen asleep yet with the long list of ingredients and methods ?I hope you haven’t yet!!

Just a sneak peek on the pot luck session with the ladies over the weekend.

Thats me grilling fresh bak kwa *tough job I tell ya!!*

OKay that’s it for now.

Happy Valentines’ Day 🙂

29 thoughts on “Ispahan Mini Cake

  1. Swee San,
    Your Ispahan Mini Cake was SO DELICIOUS. I wish I have room in my stomach for more last Saturday. Thanks so much for making them to share with us. Will find you and facebook and request to add you as friend. When you see the name Veronica Krystle Davis, it is me:D Happy Valentine’s Day my dear. HUGS!

  2. Ai Wei, no worries. Next time can join us again 🙂

    Quay Po Cooks, Haha thanks your otak-otak is also very very yummy 🙂 Added u already !

    Lyrical Lemongrass, thanks 🙂 Now, can u please tell me how did u get your picture on the avatar? I can’t seem to do so 🙁

    Joyce, thanks, it’s not pretty enough cause everyone ate it haha jk, Happy V DAy

    Janine, u mean, without cake rings ? hehe thanks 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for the entremets!!! Not too sweet. I just think that maybe the rose flavor can be upped more.

    Just to let you know, my admiration for your knowledge of and skills in baking and all things pastries grows more and more as days go by! Salute!

  4. PL, haha thanks 😉 gatherings like these gives me chances to make more

    Reese, yeah and your girl kept asking when can eat cake. haha next time I make more. Coincidentally this recipe yields just 7…

    Yes!! next month right, in QuayPo’s place 😉

  5. Hi Swee San, the extremet looks gorgeous. How did you get your sides to be so neat? Haha .. it’s always the case when bloggers meet up – cameras first then food! Coincidentally there is a small bloggers meetup this weekend as well. Hopefully will be able to post up pictures later on.

  6. Swee San, this is truly a work of art. I thought the acetate plastic sheets (the ones they use for mousse cake) would be easier to handle, no? Glad you ladies had so much fun. I can imagine the awesome food spread. I agree with you, when food bloggers gather, there should be alot of good food. Cameras? I think I am the odd one out, I have so far, never brought my camera with me to any gatherings 🙂

  7. Jasmine, thanks

    Jo, yeah didn’t get to see u the last time u came down. Hope to make a trip down to SG soon

    Cherry, yup, it’s pretty nice in cookies and shortbreads as well

    Bertha, hello!! your cakes look very nice too!!

    Jess, haha cause I prefer to eat cakes with bavarian cream or mousse, not butter or pound cakes so I make them lor..

    Shirley, thanks. Yup but I couldnt find that in the ingredients store that I always go to, so had to use an emergency idea.. I should really get some cake rings of different shapes 🙁
    Hope to make a trip down to SG sometime soon 🙂

  8. a very romantic looking cake! i really envy those who have eaten your cakes, i remember the previous one was the opera cake, wish i could just press a ‘send’ button now on my computer and the cake comes to me!

  9. Lena, ahah thanks every time there’s a gathering, there’s an excuse for me to make more wicked cakes 🙂 Join us next time k 🙂

    Juliana, thank you

    Lorraine, thank you very much 🙂 🙂 *shy*

  10. Hi. Your blog is great!

    I love cooking, but I’m not very used to bake, and I think it’s definitely harder!
    I tried yesterday to make this mini cakes and I’d like to ask you about some problems I had.
    Everything was going quite ok until I made the rose bavarian cream. When mixing the egg yolks with milk I got a real foam, instead of a custard, do you know why could it happen? Also, do you add sugar while whipping the cream, or use sweetened cream?

    Thanks a lot!

  11. your cake was delicious! however i was uanble to whip the cream to medium peaks, maybe because my beater sucks??? any tips for that? thank you for sharing your beautiful recipe!

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