Chinese New Year 2011 – Reunion Dinner (Tuan Yuen Fan)

One of the most important thing during Chinese New Year is the reunion dinner, which falls on the eve of the first day of CNY. It’s a big thing. Relatives, sisters, and brothers come from all over (well, if they happened not be at home / hometown) to gather on the eve and celebrate the start of this wonderful festive. Just like Christmas eve, you have a great spread of food to be share amongst. This dinner is not an exception. It can be as lavish or as homey as you wish. The most important thing is everyone is back home for the reunion dinner.

For us, this year, we had it simple and easy, steamboat!! No cooking required. Easy to clean up and fun to eat!

#1 Portable stove! hehe Mum boiled a huge pot of soup with some vegetables then added miso while we cooked them in a smaller pot.

#2 Prawns so big but not too big.

#3 Super awesome raw scallop. Best is just to poach them for 30 seconds. So sweet and juicy oh yummm

#4 Mushrooms, fresh tofu and “fake” abalone. We did open another can of “real” abalone. haha finished them before any pictures were taken lol

#5 Baked mussels in garlic butter, Japanese Mayonnaise and cheddar cheese. Very simple, just mince garlic and mix with butter and some salt. Add a dollop onto each, press some Japanese mayo on top then top with cheese. Grill for a couple of minutes or till cooked.

Ah, that’s it for now. Too busy with food and chit chatting no time to take much photos. But well, u know after the dinner, my Mum and I went to a Kuan Yin Temple nearby our house to pray. And it’s also the night to “invite” the God of Prosperity into our house. Mmmm of course, it will be no Chinese New Year without any fireworks to light up the sky!

They must have spent a few thousands for these fireworks cause they were HUUUUGGEEE !!! Imagine them to be 3-4 times bigger than the regular ones. *gasp*

Ok That’s it for now!

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