Manchester United in KL 2009

Sometimes I believe, if things are meant to be that way, even through the most unexpected circumstances, it WILL be that way. But of course, one cannot rely so much on luck and fate all the time. ANYWAY..

3 months ago I heard that Man Utd was coming to town and was so freakingly excited! And vowed to go see them play. Then I started asking some of my friends to join me..

2 months ago, their tickets were on sale and I didn’t get them.

a month ago, I thought, Okay lah Maybe I just watch them on TV since no one I asked wanted to go with me :`(

And just 4 days before the match, I got myself 2 tickets for their training and 2 tickets for the match on Saturday. Hey, quite lucky right!! (Thanks to Nike)

And I’m glad I went… Because now, I’m dying to go Old Trafford and watch a game there.. The atmosphere is just incredible. Just awesome. ok So in 2011, I’ll go..!!

3 thoughts on “Manchester United in KL 2009

  1. Should have ask your dad earlier. 😛 Anyway all is good. 🙂

    Ticket to Old Trafford snap up pretty quickly I think especially for big games. So must plan way way ahead. I want to go too. Still no budget. Wuahaha

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