Night Run @ Putrajaya

Shape & Men’s Health Magazine Night Run – 25th July 2009 Precinct 3, Putrajaya

I wouldn’t have thought I could run 11.5km a year ago. I couldn’t run for nuts. But so semangat wanna join marathon. I think it’s a trend nowadays, that marathon is no longer for those thin and very athletic people, but more and more young adults are joining (Either for the great goodie bags, or just as a form of exercise)

But most of the time, it’s like another mind game. You persevere, all the way till the end; even if you have leg cramps, or running out of breath, or burning sole, or aching feet. You fight and run and finish the damn race. A race where you are the competition! It’s a nice feeling to be able to finish it, satisfaction! But surely, since this is my first run and I took quite a while, I’m hoping during the next 11km run, I’d be able to finish faster. And maybe Penang Bridge Marathon at the end of the year? HA!

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