Hat Yai Trip : Endangered Food

Eh actually not so endangered. It’s just some people are not very keen on food like Sharks Fin and Bird’s Nest

Hat Yai is located at the south of Thailand and is very near the Malaysian Border. Infact if you compare the border from M’sia to Thailand and M’sia to Singapore. It’s entirely different. Over at the customs, it’s actually outdoor and it looked like a bus station more like anything else.

Funny that since Malaysia is + 8 hrs, Thailand is + 7 hrs, it’s easy to cheat and have 25 hours a day or 23 hours a day by just walking pass the border. And since Hat Yai is near (1 hr drive away from the customs) alot of people there speak Hokkien so communication was pretty easy for us. If you don’t know how to speak hokkien sorry then maybe u will kena con worse HAHAHA

In Hat Yai or even in Bangkok (ok these are the only 2 places I’ve been in Thailand so I can only say of these 2 places) Birds Nest and sharks fin seems to be quite popular and cheap. and Gingko nuts are everywhere!! I love ginko nuts it makes u un-nut. lol

Anyway I can’t read Thai or Chinese and their road names are often 300 characters long, I cannot remember. But in Hat Yai, there’s just 1 or 2 streets which are famous (near Odeon / Lee Gardens Plaza, Saneahanusorn Road) We stayed at Asian Hotel 55-59 Thanon Nipatuthit 3 Hatyai Songkhla which is just behind the shopping area. So it’s very convenient. Anyway… photos please.

Glass noodle and prawns in dry curry. GOODNESS this was so good!!! The prawns were big and juicy and the glass noodles soaked up the dry curry which had alot of shallots and peppercorns. 250 Baht

Birds Nest soup / dessert ?? . They have a range of prices for the birds nest. Some they call it blood birds nest which are slightly redder than the normal ones. Those are more expensive. This is the okay one (somewhat middle range) It’s 250 Baht. But dunno who discovered this anyway cause it’s just saliva from cave swifts.

Shark’s fin Soup. 500 Baht

I just suspected that the fins are fake. Where got so many shark to kill. crazy ah. But still eat anyway. The fins are not like threads but they come in chunks. Fresh bean sprouts and parsleys are dunked in for more texture in the soup.

We also ordered Fried Rice (was super good. forgot to take pic. fail dot com) and literally I was just eating Yu Chi Lou Fan (read in cantonese) Shark’s fin on rice.

So keng, now got discount card edi. But how often are we going to go back there right? Even if go back also I think the card would be forgotten. Hahaha

Okay this is 1st Hat Yai post. More to come.

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