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A couple of weeks ago, before Christmas I saw an ad on my blog and it was coffee related. I wanted to check out new coffee beans as I was bored with the existing one already (which was bought from the supermarket). So clicked on it and that was how I found out about  Auresso Coffee. They provide award winning freshly roasted premium Arabica coffee bean, fine teas, coffee and tea accessories. They have partnered with an award winning coffee roaster in Australia and have established a sister company in Australia to work very closely with the artisan roaster in order to bring the very best to the Malaysian market.

If you know my history, I hated coffee for a good 20 years of my life. I couldn’t stand the smell of nescafe or any instant coffee and I didn’t understand why people keep saying it smells so good (after coming out from the pantry). For the past 20 years of coffee hating, the only type of coffee I drank, was the good ol’ kopi-o from chinese hawker stalls. I would never touch any coffee with condensed milk or creamer.

It was only until I went to Sydney and everything changed (except the part where I still don’t like instant coffee, coffee with creamer / condensed milk) I found my type of coffee; I also did a coffee workshop in my pastry course in LCB, which they included. It was a full 2 days coffee mind boggling session and caffeine.

Now if you don’t already know, in simple terms, most coffee are characterized to robusta and arabica. The 2 most common breed. Robusta is grown on the lower ground, warmer weather and has a higher caffeine content. Most of these beans are used to make instant coffee cause it’s cheaper and more widely available. Arabica is grown higher on the hill, which has a cooler temperature. It has a lower caffeine content and is generally smoother in taste compared to robusta. It is also more expensive than robusta. Mixed origin beans are more commonly used when roasting coffee; and single origin beans are usually more expensive, the same with cocoa beans. Now if you ask me what type of coffee reigns the best, I would say it’s not the chained stores ones.

Ok now that my coffee history is done, here is a package from Auresso. I wanted to try the coffee since the one at home is almost finishing, and i wanted to serve coffee during Pot luck (but all ended up drinking wine) so I went on to buy Amada (means beloved in Spanish) which is a Silver award winning blend in 2011. Well,seems promising already. It has a sweet, smooth blend with lingering caramel notes and balanced acidity. I don’t like coffee which is high in acidity, especially the after taste.

The espresso is smooth but slightly acidic (for me) if drinking without milk, so I made it a cappuccino and it immediately changed. It’s much silkier this way, no need for sugar either. The people at Auresso were kind to send me extra stuffs, Kokolicious and the rubra tea sample pack as well.

Kokolicious is a drinking chocolate sourced from premium West African cocoa beans. This african Red cocoa is processed in France, and then blended with pure Australian cane sugar. There are no additional filters, starch, artificialflavours, colours or preservatives. I’ve tried a few drinking chocolate powder when we were sourcing for hot chocolate for a cafe. Some can be awefully sweet and some would turn out to be powdery in taste. It’s not easy to find those that are at an acceptable sweetness and still have the real cocoa taste. I would say that kokolicious is pretty good. I made it with 2 tbsp of powder and 200ml milk, then froth it with the frother at the coffee machine. (You can use a shaker or just stir till the chocolate powder dissolves).

Perfect for a rainy weather, dip with biscotti or drop some marshmallows on top for an ultimate indulgence.

The Rubra tea sample pack comes with 5 flavours of lemongrass & ginger, punjabi chai, green tea sunshine, granny’s garden and Japanese sencha. They all come packed in loose leaves in silken pyramid bags. Silken pyramid tea bags are biodegradable.

We tried the Japanese sencha and Green Tea Sunshine. It’s a little dry and acidic (what the chinese call, siap).

All in all, we prefer the coffee better.


Would I buy from them again ? Yes I would wanna try other blends / origin of coffee.

You can order online from them and brew it yourself. Or you can check out The Red Beanbag in Publika @ Solaris Dutamas for their Rubra artisan coffee.




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  1. So glad to know that at last you find yourself a good cup of coffee . I used to drink “International Roast” from Australia , it seemed too strong for me !

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