CNY pot luck

Why hello hello!! I’ve been bad huh for not putting any new posts for more than a week. Well, I kinda went to Singapore for a short trip and after that, was so busy over the weekend, busy like literally worked through 25 hours, and sold 2 puppies in between. It’s not my favourite moment to be honest. How do people do it all the time?

Anyway, this pot luck was with the food bloggers and it’s becoming an annual thing. Last year, it was at Reese’s place. This year, we held it at Sonia‘s. Maybe next year can come to my place? 🙂 We had lesser turned out this year but it’s my first time meeting Lena and Sharon. I’ve met Sonia, Wendy and Veron a couple of times already if you’ve been here long enough.

So now let’s head to the food!

From the top, left to right.

Sonia’s Sambal prawns, Sharon’s Apple cabbage slaw

Sonia’s condiments for Nasi Lemak and Lemongrass fried chicken

Lena’s sweet sour crabs and Quay Po’s Tuna appetizer

Lena’s scallop (was it?) kuih and Sharon’s Pork stuffed you tiau

(OMG did I not take a picture of the rendang ?? Oppss, but it was yummy, meat so tender, forgot the chicken wings too, the one that represented Reese’s presence. lol)

Sweet stuffs ,top to bottom, left to right

Lena’s pandan kuih, my plum and frangipane tart

Wendy’s kumquat almond cake and Goiabinhas

My pistachio and blackberry cake; sicile

Loving pot lucks and dinner parties!! must do more of these 😉

Now that CNY is over, I hope that you and your family have had a wonderful celebration. 🙂


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