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Which was the last movie you watched?

The last I watched was just last week, the screening of “I am number four” thanks to Hahah and Cinema Online, I got ’em free tickets! Hahah (yes it’s a company’s name, I am not laughing but just secretly am from the heart :)) is running a weekly campaign giving away free movie tickets with Cinema Online.

Or not too sure what movies you want to watch? Check out Cinema Online, it’s like a one stop portal, say if you need to check show times / schedule at 2 or 3 cinemas, you can just do it at Cinema Online. It’s much convenient this way as you don’t have to open a couple of browsers just to check showtimes. Not only that, you can also watch trailers, read reviews and latest news of the movie before choosing the right one. Who knows, maybe the horror movie turned out to be a comedic one, you can be far warned before buying tickets for the movie! You can also check out their forum and maybe discuss about the movie you’ve just watched with other netizens or take a wild guess on which movie is releasing next.

So, wanna keep yourself updated on movies, check out Cinema Online’s facebook page and for all you know, you may win yourself some premier tickets next week or other cool prizes with their contests 🙂

Thanks to too, I’m getting more free movie tickets! YAY! *ppssttt, How about Black Swan, please??*




3 thoughts on “Cinema Online …your movie partner

  1. So nice of you still can enjoy a movie once awhile. I have no chance of that…:( Why a? My daughter la…haha! She doesn’t like to go cinema, and I can’t just let her stay home alone…”sigh”. Unless you come be a baby-sitter for me..haha! Joking la..;p

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