Bukit Gambang Resort, Kuantan

I did say I was going to post up some pictures during our short trip to Kuantan, didn’t I ?

Too much pictures taken during this 3d2n trip with my family and cousins. If you really want to, you can see them all in FB, but really, it was just a mediocre place with a small scale water park hidden in a forestry. Wait, no, it wasn’t exactly a forest, but just, alot of trees. Well you get the idea. 🙂

So, Bukit Gambang Resort City is still quite new, if I’m not wrong just a few years old, like 2-3? It’s like an all in one place, you pay for a family package, you get a 2 room apartment, with a small kitchenette with a water boiler and sink, 2 bathrooms, a living area equipped with TV (and nothing but a TV) and a balcony overlooking the forestry, or the inner part of the resort itself; breakfast and dinner are provided and entrance tickets to the water park.

#1 The link bring from the apartments to the main building

#2 Entrance to the Water park! It’s about 500m away from the actual resort so u’d either have to drive there or take their mini tram

#3 Day time activities. lol There is a wave pool, some water slides and a huge kid’s pool with lotsa slides n stuff. Well, think water park. minimized.

#4 Make sure you’re well “protected” from the sun, otherwise you’ll end up having a big X on your back which is 3 tones lighter than the rest; ahem, me.

#5 Not too keen on water parks? try their target shooting. They have paint ball, ATV rides and jungle trekking too.

#6 Running into the jungle? You may have to if you wanna do the flying fox!

#7 Don’t forget to scream!

#8 Well, how about horse riding walking?

#9 Or peacock watching (You can see I’m getting abit bored here)

#10 Since it was the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, the lions decided to come dance for us 🙂

#11 If the lion doesn’t dance, you can ask the elephant to fly!

#12 oh!! boom boom boom Yes, we like to make statements like these during festive seasons LOL

#13 Hey actually my camera takes pretty nice pictures of fireworks.

#14 Aaaaaand that’s it 🙂


It’s a better place if you have children as most of the activities there are catered for them. Otherwise, bring your own mahjong set Haha

(Well, actually, we did 😉

This is the first part of the Kuantan trip. Next there will be pictures of Teluk Cempedak Beach and Kampung Nelayan, the place they filmed Wohoo! (Myfm & Astro’s 2010’s CNY movie)




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  1. Err…I will have to bring along the mahjong like you, I am not into water parks, mini or otherwise lol! I know the boys would love the painballs and the flying fox though.

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