Cakes on Cake

 yeah confusing, I know but it literally is! There are cakes and a faux tart on a big cake!

Anyway I have a little something to share. I met with a different group of food bloggers today (the ones that talks more about cooking / baking, not so much on reviews) and it was great! There were 11 of us all together and we probably talked about the danger of buying dragon fruits, living life overseas and about cakes! lol it’s a common language with very different people from 4 countries but of 1 nationality; and people always wonder how to live harmoniously 😉 It’s actually not that difficult!

Well hopefully I’ll steal get some photos from the ladies and post it up later.

In no particular order we had, Reese Kitchen, petite nyonya, Dodol & Mochi, ElinluvBitter Sweet Flavours, Baking Quinn, Nasi Lemak Lover, My Kitchen Snippets, Honey Bee Sweets, and me! Do check out their blogs 🙂

But for now let’s check out this cake tee hee ..

clockwise from far left; fruit tart, strawberry cake, brownies with icecream, fork, and durian pancake

The impression was to create a platter of desserts because she likes desserts! especially Durian pancake. So there goes it and I particularly like the brownie with ice cream drizzled with fudge sauce.
But all it was were cakes covered with fondant and royal icing!!

Can I now qualify to make the faux food display in front of Japanese eateries ?

PS as you can see it’s a new layout, very simple. I do hope it loads in IE now !!

5 thoughts on “Cakes on Cake

  1. This is a work of art, Swee San! Admire your patience for each of the tiny piece! Yes, it was a nice gathering huh! Lovely to meet you and all the best in your business…let us know when you open a cafe or bakery next time ;). We'll give you all the support, for sure!

  2. Swee San, it was real nice to meet you in person! You're definitely one "si fu!" Gotta learn hell lotta things from you!

    I hope it won't be our first & last. I promise I'm gonna treat you guys in the future with my humble little kitchen projects. (Don't mind be my lab mice, LOL!!?? They're nothing compared to yours!)

    Have a lovely week ahead!

  3. @petite nyonya, thanks for dropping by and its a pleasure to meet u too!! I hope to learn some nyonya cooking from ur blog soon!

    @ai wei, haha thanks for supporting 😀 next time can have another session of bloggers meeting again 😉

    @Pei-Lin, Thanks for inviting though. I wouldn't have known so many wonderful bloggers if you hadn't invite tee hee.. Aiks we share and we learn from each other eh, that's what blogs are for 🙂 Keep in touch!

  4. Swee San,

    Thank you very much for meeting up with me. It was you and all other bloggers that turned up that made the event a successful one so thank you to you too!

    Till I see you again!

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