Bieber Fever

Fyi, I am a 26 year old who didn’t really know (or care ) about Bieber until I was commissioned to do the cake. Hahaha I know right. All I knew was his infamous hair, he is ridiculously young and alot of people like to poke fun of him. haha I mean, that’s more than enough right? But when you make cakes for young and growing up girls, you very often get requests related to Princesses, Pop singers, and to top the latest craze, Justin Bieber.

So, yup, a Justin Bieber cake for 2 birthday girls.

I decided on a concert stage cake with him and the birthday girls dancing on the stage. woot!

Now please, I’m not at all good at making superbly lookalike figurines, so a 2d is what I could cheat around with 😉

*bottom tier was very purple, but turned out to be blue-ish in the computer. Can someone help me purple it ?


Cake was pretty huge. The bottom tier was about 20 inches long. Lol

Purple cause I found out Bieber wears alot of purple. Yup. Totally Bieber-fied. Haha.

AHHH !! I just thought of something, I could have put in dry ice for the smokey effect LOL. next time. next time.

Happy Belated Birthday Alisha and Suraya 😉

Outgrowing the pink and princess-y cakes eh? These were their cakes last year.

8 thoughts on “Bieber Fever

  1. LOl, seems like the girls are really growing up from being all “princessy” to “bieberfied”. Thats one impressive cake btw, and i think the dry ice effect would totally make a grand entrance for this cake.

  2. No, I have no idea at all who or what this Beiber is. Though I do recall catching a glimpse of a book on Justin Baker when I was at Kinokuniya last week. Whatever it is, this is another awesome birthday cake. I wonder at the girls’ reaction….

  3. lol what a big change from the pink girly cakes to bieber fever!! lol. they’re so young too haha.

    what a great effort…so impressive! wish i can make something like that!

  4. Hey…
    They LOVED it!!! Swee San has the best cakes ever and tends to what the girls love every single year! Her cakes are not only gorgeous but they’re yummilicious too! They said it was their best Birthday ever! Let’s hope they graduate something other then bieber next year! Can’t wait…?

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