A series of fortunate events

I suppose December is going to be a month of parties, getogethers, meet-ups, dinners, luncheons, and the likes. Since it’s the school holidays, me and Pei-Lin decided to organize another gathering with those great people we’ve met earlier this year (during CNY) and somewhere throughout the year, and also possibly some new faces.

It’s actually quite a fun thing to do. It’s a bunch of people (usually homemakers / wives / ladies / girls) of different age group would sit and eat, and talk! We may not have much in common in terms of mutual friends, or dressing styles, or family background, but food is always the main language around the table. Of course, occasionally, parenting and children seems to be the topic; if that’s the case, me and Pei-Lin would talk about other stuffs!

Very often, we’d also bring some stuffs to share amongst. I forgot to bring my camera that night (bad blogger!) so I missed out on some  actions. Hence I missed out taking pics on the food and cakes that the ladies brought to share (bad bad blogger!) So you’d have to bear with text, or hop on over to their page

This gathering was on 27th Nov 2010 @ The Curve

Sonia, the Nasi Lemak Lover came along with her daughter (very tall daughter). She also brought a loaf of butter cake to share, and some pre-mix bah kut teh spices packets. I, live just 2 rows away from THREE bah kut teh shops. Hence, I didn’t take any. (But that’s also because my house has a few more packets of these). Sonia, I think my parents know your friend too (who manufactures the BKT packets) Hehe

Wendy, from Table for 2.. or more came in with her 2 uber cute daughters, Lydia and Lyanne and also, jars of candied coconuts. You can check out from her blog post here. It was yum but I had to refrain from eating too much fearing that my braces’ brackets may break. Hahaha!!! You know how candied coconuts can be 😛

Reese, from ReeseKitchen, came with her beautiful daughter. Reese likes handicraft alot and she gave us a decoration made with felt and craft papers in the shape of cupcakes. And about her iphone4 story; well, guys, you just have to becareful of your phone, and always remember to zip your hand bag!!

Pei-Lin of Dodol and Mochi came in pretty late!! Well it’s ok, she had some errands to run. Nevertheless, she brought us some Dorayaki with Honey Pastry Cream. Well, I actually met up with her a few days before meeting up the rest. It was quite impromptu; why? She wanted to give me her Sawdust pudding and dorayaki (Now you’ve got to post that 2 up first, jump queue) and I wanted to give her the Emeraude cake. Please don’t kill me Pei-Lin, here’s the evidence lol 😉

And what did I bring? Well, I made another entremet and…. you just have to stay tuned as I’ll be posting it up next.

All in all, we had fun and we strongly suggest that the next time we have a meet up like this, we’d do it pot luck style. It doesn’t make sense if we go to a restaurant, order food, eat, then bring in OUR own food, and eat again!! Everyone seems to be either renovating their house or moving in/out, so it’s not really convenient at the moment. But I suppose next year during Chinese New Year, we can plan something?

Oh, my house will only be ready in Q3 2011, so I can’t offer anything now (sorry guys!)

Ok fine this was what I brought. I shall elaborate it on the next post. Any guesses? Hahaha

10 thoughts on “A series of fortunate events

  1. Wendy & Sonia, ini bukan cepat lor … Sudah hari Rabu. I pun dah posted lor … HAHAHA! Some more, tak de org replies email pun. So, we mai posted 1st lor … Though, I was the one who proposed the idea. HAHA! Very gan mao I know! Tak boleh tunggu lagi lah …

    SS, I won’t kill you. Haha! Thanks for both the entremets!! They were freaking awesome! K, wait for your that other recipe. I want the cream part!! YUMM!!

    CNY ar … Yat yoo wai ding. Promised!

  2. Well Well…it seems I’m the last to post heh..;p
    Btw, I really really like & love the cake you brought that day. Super super love it!! And I know I’ll never going to make it..haha! So…..can make for me again a???

  3. Ok everyone shall wait for the cake’s recipe. I am extremely sleepy now

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