Bangkok on fire

Ok I know this is probably out of the blue in the midst of all things food and cakes. But I am truly mad and the same time devastated by the effects of the whole Bangkok riot. I think it has come to a stage where its like an aftermath of terrorist attack. See I totally understand the whole idea of how if Country A dislikes Country B and decides to bomb it. Or if the Earth decides to erupt a volcano. But how is it even possible that their own citizens, the people who’ve been living there ever since they’re born, burn down their very own buildings.

Rome wasn’t built in a day; true. And I’m sure these 34 buildings weren’t either. Central World and Siam Centre were amongst. SAD SAD SAD !!!! HOW COULD THEY!!!

Who would have thought this would be the last time we’ll be in the once beautiful 10 year old Central World and the whole Ratchadamri Road.

There are probably thousands and thousands of people who’ve lost their job because of this. Would the Red Shirts win and get what they want if they burn down all these buildings ? IT probably is a lose-lose situation to any side of the protest cause it has not affected anything but the lives of innocent residents and most importantly their tourism industry.

Aftermath in Siam Theatre
Collapsed section in Central World
500 ft above Bangkok
*photos found in tweetphoto
Gee, and I wonder, why are there no fire brigades or trucks to put off the fire.
Please don’t burn chatucak, siam paragon and platinum mall… please please please….
*Siam paragon survived with minor damage from the burnings ….


3 Comments on Bangkok on fire

  1. Shanker says:

    i know. really sad. i miss bangkok!

  2. oh no! be safe! i hope they settle this whole thing cuz i really want to visit bangkok sometime next year!

  3. Cody McKibben says:

    Certainly was a crazy time! After a month outside the country (after fleeing violence near my home) I finally had time to sort out my thoughts & write about my experience near the "Live Fire Zone":

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