Removing Eyes from the Pineapple

During Chinese New Year, there are alot of other prayers like Pai Ti Kong, and Zhip Choy San. So what happens during these prayers ? We pray with offerings such as fruits like oranges, pineapple, banana, apples, plums and pears and some other stuffs like Nian Gau, Huat Kueh etc.. So what happens AFTER these prayers ? Alot of fruits get dumped in the fridge and is forgotten about. I know..

So seeing that I have alot of pineapples at home, and not planning to make Pineapple tarts till 2011’s CNY, I decided to get back to basic and make an Upside-down Pineapple Cake. This cake is always very mum-related and it always brings back nostalgic memories. So obviously in this cake, you need a pineapple right? Here’s how I peel, remove the eyes, slice and core them.

Choose a ripe pineapple. Green ones usually aren’t still very ripe. With a hint of orange, they’re usually good to use. Ok so first, chop off the head and bottom
Then place the bottom of the pineapple on a chopping board and slice off the skin. Don’t cut off too much just to remove the eyes, there’s another way to remove it.
The using the knife cut “V” on the pineapple. The knife has to be at diagonal angle cause the eyes don’t grow in a straight line but rather a diagonally. This pineapple is very very ripe as u can see from the colour of the outer skin.
If u plan to serve the pineapple in long pieces, cut the pineapple in half lengthwise and cut into further 3 pieces. Trim off the core.
Slice and cut off the core. I use a ring cutter to do so. Or use a pairing knife and cut a circle around the core. Basically the core is very hard to bite into and it’s usually not eaten.
Well if you remove the eyes properly, the sliced pineapples looks like a sunflower which looks really pretty. you can cut into smaller segments and serve it just as it is or make an Upside-down Pineapple cake. Recipe up here. 😉


4 Comments on Removing Eyes from the Pineapple

  1. This is how we do it too 🙂

  2. ICook4Fun says:

    My husband find it really interesting how we Asian cut our pineapple. The mat salleh will remove the eyes together with the skin.

  3. Swee San says:

    @3 hungry tummies & Sonia : I think most Asians do it that way

    @ICook4Fun: haha yeah, we are more kiasu, we want to salvage as much from the pineapple as possible lol

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