Project 52 Ice Cream Monday #10.

The title is a little empty. Blame the WorldCup. I’m too caught up with it that I didn’t make any ice cream for this week’s P52 Ice Cream Monday. Oh boo hoo. I didn’t even had much time to blog anyways if you’ve noticed, it’s only 2 posts last week. But World Cup is now over and yup SPAIN is the winner!! Yay

For the first time of my entire football watching years (say 3 rounds of WC) I’ve finally predicted the winner right. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know.. I don’t go with the usuals like Brazil, Germany, Italy or France. I somehow prefer to go for the underdogs and this time around, I knew Spain had a high chance of winning because the timing was just right and they just won Euro Cup in 2008 !! Their team had alot of goood players and they played tremendously well as a team, my faves were Casillas, Alonso, and David Villa, although hoping Torres would be the star, it was Iniesta that came out as rescuer. It was a rough game, LOADS of yellow cards, like Team Ned almost had bookings on all the players except theย  goalkeeper (which quite hopefully would join Man Utd next season) and maybe 2-3 more players. Rough and dirty.

Although their game against Germany was better, in terms of composure and stats, their perseverance paid eventually. Ok! I’m not going to babble so much, but here’s one for the newly crowned World Cup Champion

Back to Ice Cream Monday, I didn’t made any ice cream so obviously there’s no ice cream from me. But Quinn, from The Perfect Scoop submitted to the Project 52 Ice Cream Mondays. It’s a Nashi Pear and Sake Sorbet

Looks pretty and Japanese right!! It looks yum and I love the extra cream and cookie crumbs on top.

I do round ups every Monday if you’d like to submit to Project 52 Ice Cream Mondays. These are the stuffs u need to know if you want to submit for P52 Ice Cream Mondays ๐Ÿ™‚

Project 52 Ice Cream Mondays mini rules

1. Entries to Project 52 Ice Cream Mondays must be posts written specifically for Project 52 Ice Cream Mondays. This means they cannot be cross-posted in other events. Photos used in the posts however can be submitted to photo events like DMBLGIT.

2. Project 52 Ice Cream Mondays entries should have the goal of easing Monday blues and quite possibly the rest of weekdays. Just as simple as that.

* Recipe posts of iced concoctions (Ice cream, Gelato, Sorbet, Sherbet, Shaved Ice, Granita, Semifreddo, Parfait or Frozen Yoghurt) will be accepted.

3. Posts must contain the phrase Project 52 Ice Cream Mondays with a link to this site.

4. The posts may be written anytime during the week but you must email me by Sunday 10pm (KL, Malaysia time)

You can use this converter to find out the corresponding time in your location.

5. In your email please include the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Blog Name/URL
  • Your Post URL
  • Your Location
  • Attach a photo โ€“ 300px wide min

6. Roundups will be done on the next Monday.

7. You donโ€™t have to submit every week but I will do the round up every week nonetheless.


2 Comments on Project 52 Ice Cream Monday #10.

  1. ciki says:

    looks light and refreshing.. yummie indeed!

  2. wendyywy says:

    There’s another monday coming up

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