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20 random facts

Hello! Well I’m seeing lots of these posts lately on FB, IG and blog posts. No one tagged me to do it (actually no one tags me for anything, not even ice bucket challenge but it’s okay haha) but I wanted to jump on this bandwagon too. So here we go! 1. I did 3 […]


PSA: Remove Almost Bourdain

Dear all friends, Almost Bourdain by Ellie was a very popular blog few years back. She stopped blogging actively in May 2012 and the blog was closed down almost half a year ago due to her own reasons. Recently, the blog has been revived. Don’t be happy. It’s NOT Ellie there.  Ellie’s screen shot of […]

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More dim sum please ?

Hey hey!! This is just a quickie update!!! (and typing this while waiting for my nail polish to dry) First, there’s a giveaway happening .. 3 x modbox to be given away Second, voucher for Eyelash Extension is still applicable till 31st August. The voucher is <here> in my first trial in PP, I went […]

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