10 hours

Hi, if u’re wondering why it’s titled 10 hours, it’s almost the amount of time I spent yesterday with Wendy of Table for 2 … or more, and Pei-Lin of Dodol & Mochi. From 11ish, we went to Daiso. Spent about an hour or more there ? And as usual, we get props, small bakewares and table wares, and … stuffs!! There seem to be a never ending list of things to buy. Lol. I got some dog collars and toys as well, cause for RM5 is definitely much cheaper than getting from regular pet store (Say about RM 15 – 25 for just a collar for a medium size dog)

I wish to take a pic and show which of the 21 items I bought Hahaha. Yeah, I just realized it.21.. I don’t even know why I need 3 different dessert forks, 2 Madeline pans, 2 mini chiffon pans, 2 longish plates, 2 dog collars, 1 leash, 1 dog toy, 2 chestnut packets, … And… I can’t remember. Because once I reached home, I very quietly kept everything at their respective places (or rather my ‘store) so I don’t get questioning on why I’m buying so many stuffs. Hahaha. and that way, you don’t feel guilty for seeing a big shopping bag at the kitchen or dining area the next morning.

Talking about guilty, just the day before. I made an impulsive trip to Bookxcess. Got a couple of books for 25% of the total value. Serious! That’s like close to 75% discount. Got Nigel Slater’s Tender, Sophie Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights, Rachel Allen’s Home Cooking, Elisa Strauss’ Confetti Cake for kids and a Disney story book. Guess the total price ? a little less than RM 150. Hahaha. I have also bought alot of other books from there. It’s crazy, and I’d feel bad if I don’t get them, cause sometimes they do not restock, like Baking with Julia by Julia Child, Rick Stein’s Far Easy Odyssey.And they could have just one or two copies of that book. So tell me, how do you resist?

Then we went on to have lunch at Tony Romas.

from Wendy and Pei-Lin. Heh thanks 🙂

food food food

We also went to Cold Storage, and talked about rice! hahaha. If you want to know more about types of rice, please revert questions to Wendy, and condensed milk too! And we talked about quite possibly much other stuffs about food / baking.

Oh and since we’re there, we went to Ikea as well! It’s like a whole expedition to Curve, e@curve, Ikano and Ikea. Haha. Easily the whole day spent there. And ah but of course, we had dinner as well, and talked about non-food stuffs Lol. Things that… you don’t wanna know HAHAHAHA

If u bump into any of us, say hello! 🙂

8 thoughts on “10 hours

  1. Hey, ladies! Let’s do it again in Subang! I want my rhubarb. HAHA! We still hadn’t realized it was 9.30 p.m. at Kim Gary! HAHA! Ten hours probably aren’t enough! HAHA! Have to raid Wendy’s in KK sometime soon … Kekeke …

    At least I still managed to give myself some discipline at Daiso. Didn’t exceed 100 bucks! HAHA!

    I need to drive to Bookxcess also … Seems like a good place for bargains on books … Too bad, it’s PJ … =(

    Thanks for making me laugh nonstop that day. LOL! Ooi, Wendy! I think you’re looking good in that photo lar! Yea, good to chuck away the girls. LOL!

  2. Btw, SS! Thank you for the feedback on the cookies! My colleagues also like them! So are my dad and bro! =D …

    I LOVE YOUR PASSIONFRUIT MARSHMALLOW! Not too sweet, the passionfruit flavor is definitely there. Now that you’ve REALLY inspired to make my own marshmallow. Watch out!

  3. Hi Jess, yeah next time u come to KL… u can go to BookXcess, it’s even cheaper after conversion for u guys 🙂

    Reese, yeah, next time k. most probably next month

    Wendy, sleepy meh ?? no ar .. ahha my face looked so big! :S

    Pei-Lin, yeah lor… next time go Empire Subang, but there’s nothing there (no Daiso) hahaha

  4. It is always nice to catch up with friends esp those who shared same passion. Now you are tempting me with a trip up to KL. Besides food, now I think I have a new haunt, Bookxcess.

    Good bargain is always hard to resist don’t they?

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