Triple Chocolate Mud cake

As I was digging through my old posts, looking back, I’ve missed old times. I’m glad I made the effort to learn professional baking because it’s not just learning how to bake but more of organizing, being analytical and proper time management. You know you don’t learn these stuffs in school but it comes with hands-on experience or practical training.

*actually if costs wasn’t a problem, I’d sprinkle metallic dust on every thing because they’re just ssooo cool.!

Chocolate Mud Cake

(adapted from a school in Melbourne, in 2007)

250g Dark Couverture Chocolate, chopped
390g unsalted butter
500g sugar
390ml water
400g plain flour
8g (1/2 tsp) baking powder
65g cocoa powder
2 whole eggs, 1 yolk

Melt dark chocolate, stirring every 30 secs. When it’s about half melted, add in butter and melt further. The reason to not melt both together is to prevent the butter being overmelted (like, too liquidy) In another pot, dissolve sugar in water, but keep the water just warm, not boiling. Then mix choc-butter and syrup together, stir till well mixed. Sift flour, cocoa powder and baking powder. Then gradually add in the flour mixture into the choc mixture and stir with a whisk till it’s smooth. Then add in eggs, do not overmix. Pour into tins and bake at 160 C. Check with a skewer to see if its cooked. It should come out clean.

Leave the cake to cool, preferably overnight. Slice cake to 2-3 layers depending on individuals, spread ganache over and sandwich them. Then spread ganache at the sides and coat them, chill in fridge till it sets. Then melt the ganache till its consistency is more liquid, stir well, and pour over cake. SErve with vanilla ice cream, yum

Dark Chocolate Ganache

450g dark couverture chocolate
350g cream

Boil cream and pour over chocolate pieces and whisk till all chocolate has melted. Cover and leave overnight before use.

For this one, I spreaded chocolate on a crimped baking paper dusted with metallic powder, and wrapped around the cake while it’s still at managable stage. Keep in fridge for it to set. The balls are actually made with semi-spheres chocolate moulds that are sprinkled with ruby red metallic powder. They’re hollow and not heavy, so they can sustain better. Then join both together and you get a sphere. Haha.

Crumpled metallic dusted chocolate. So futuristic huh..

4 thoughts on “Triple Chocolate Mud cake

  1. Swee San, I wanted to leave you comment earlier … But was busy with something else … kekeke … you know what I mean …

    At the first glance, I was already blown away by the presentation! Simply stunning and creative! I know, actually $$$ matters also … When I feel my purse is shrinking, I’ll stop and think before I buy. Before that, I was the opposite. LOL! Compulsive shopper …

    Agreed, baking has taught me a lot in terms of planning, organization and being analytic. =)

    Btw, I need to “8” a bit, who did you make this cake for? Your bf ar? *Eyes rolling*

  2. Almost every week, bread on my menu, without fail. Call me Roti-Woman lar … LOL!

    Hey, thank you for the info! The company I’m working has biz relations with Village Grocer. Forgotten if it’s in Bangsar though. I heard it’s where Mat Saleh shop a lot. I’ll tell my sales colleagues to help me buy some whenever they stop by VG to collect stock, credit and whatnot. Of course, I pay them back lar … You know lar, Bangsar is not my area … That’s why I could never find rarities such as peanut butter chips here. =)

    Take care, yea? I’ll resume working tmr. If got time, will drop by … If not, will try to … =)

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