Spring theme; of peonies, hydrangeas and hyacinths

Flowery theme cakes are oh so pretty cause there would be flowers, frills, ruffles and all those romantic girly stuffs. Well, this was for a spring themed birthday celebration for one of my friend’s mother in law. it was quite a big one. So because the theme is mainly peony and hyacinth (which I never really heard of until I was told about it :P), the cake revolves around having just this 2 flowers.

The pic above was one of the 4 peonies, in a lighter shade of pink, aurora I call it. Another was in a darker shade, in thrift / burgundy dust.

Using dust on flowers are really important as it really makes it pop out! I forgot to ‘steam’ it, otherwise it would be even nicer! Yes, steam is a term used to run the dusted petal abruptly over steam to blend the colour more evenly. It works especially well with fillers and berries.

I’ve made peony a cuople of times so it wasn’t really much of a problem, but for hyacinth, because I’ve not even heard of it before.. It’s really quite a tough one to make. I will do up a tutorial for both these flowers when I am not pulling my hair LOL. That saying, when I’m free la!!

The setting of the room was so so pretty, feels like in a enchanted botanical garden. Flowers every where!! Hydrangeas especially. Love them lots! This was a favour box done for each of the guests. 170 of them 🙂

Inside the favour boxes were hydrangea and roses decorated orange poppyseed (favourite!) and marbled cupcakes.

Incase you dont’ know, my orange poppyseed cake is one of the favourite flavour for my customers. Well, it’s hard not to like because it’s made with the natural stuff; orange zest and freshly squeezed orange juice as well!! Real stuff yo..

Ok. till then xoxo

5 thoughts on “Spring theme; of peonies, hydrangeas and hyacinths

  1. I love to see big life size flowers and here you go.. you made it so beautifully.
    Hope one day I can master it too… well, flowers are not so much my thingy.. lets put it aside and admire others.

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