Setting up a Bridal Shower Dessert Table

I’ve gotten some photos of the recent dessert table I did for one of my friend’s bridal shower. Because her wedding theme colour is green, I decided to use that as a main colour for the dessert table.

We went to The Cooking House in Desa Sri Hartamas to have a private cooking class, to make Chicken Roulade and Croquembouche. So at the same time, I wanted to put my hands on making a dessert table since I’ve never made, but always wanted to. So what better timing to do so!

For the table, I had newspaper clothe lining, fake grass and an entire “garden” on it. I got pebbles from my house, fresh fruit (pear) and some random cake stands. I actually have most of those things. They are mainly collected over the years for “emergency” props. LOL I guess it has paid off now.

I usually like to play with some heights, but not symmetrical. So I arranged some flowers, and cupcakes as well. Keeping the cake simple and rustic for this time.

It’s a raspberry lemon velvet ombre cake with white chocolate buttercream frosting! This cake came about when I was trying out a recipe for CRAVE magazine. So I picked up the idea and used a different recipe which I’m more familiar with and tint it with raspberry puree. (Recipe, another day)

As for where I got those decorative stuffs from ……

I got alot of wedding printables from Wedding Chicks. (I don’t know what would I do without free printables from the internet!!)

Tablewares and decorative props are mainly from Aino Living, Daiso and Ikea.

Newspaper-like cloth is from a sewing shop in Korea near Bangsan Market.

“Almost Married” bunting from The Pretty Blog. The paper fan was an idea I plucked from the internet. Not sure where I saw it before but it’s everywhere !

This was another idea I saw while googling for kitchen themed bridal shower. I got cheap wooden spoons (like less than RM 5) for each person to write some message for the bride-to-be. I thought it was quite fun and relatable. Some were really creative in fitting ALLL words on it, some kept it simple. I saw another on Martha Stewart’s site where she used plates. Seriously, how is she going to hang up the plates?? Wooden spoons may be a better idea.

And, who doesn’t include this “keep calm and ………” signage. Appropriate! as most of the girls joining, are first time cooks!! Well, a keep calm sign is definitely a helpful reminder! You can get it here.

And I also prepared favours / gifts for everyone to take home. Simple vanilla sugar in spice jars (from Ikea). I have lots of vanilla pods (and sugar, it’s a staple) so it’s really very easy to make this as a door gift kinda thing. I printed the tag from The Pretty Blog. They have lots of other ideas such as herb seeds packages, tea bags, windmills and oh so many other stuffs!!

The event was suppose to start at 2pm but because we wanted to celebrate another friend’s birthday, we kinda kicked the party started at about 1.30pm. And because it’s just kinda around after lunch / tea time I decided to prepare some cupcakes (banana) INCASE everyone took longer to prepare and cook, at least we have some snacks. We ended up eating our food at about 5.30pm LOL.. This was a simple banana cake with the same white chocolate buttercream used for the cake, but drizzled with caramel and sprinkled some sea salt.

The menu. Bride-to-be wanted to learn how to make croquembouche. And the chicken roulade was my input as we really only have 3 hours cooking time, and if we’re talking about 10 girls cooking together, it ain’t gonna be fast. LOL. Mason jar graphic was from Wedding Chicks (again!) and I PSed the menu in it.

I even went all out to print the recipes with little graphics at the side!! The bunting  graphic was actually from Wedding Chicks (what, again??) and I basically used only the flag bunting design. These are customizable by colour, to match your theme.


Serious at work!! Pics are during the final plating of the chicken roulade and assembling the croquembouche! I guess everyone did “keep calm!!”

Our chicken roulade with orange salad. very yummy indeed! Recipes, another day la ok. I love chicken roulade LOL, maybe thats’ why I suggested for the menu. Another that I wish to make is Lamb Wellington. That will take a day of non-procrastination and 100% cooking mode. In the meantime, a simple roulade seems more realistic hahaha

And the dessert was croquembouche. Needs no introduction. We did in groups of 4 and this was ours.

This was made by another group. Hell we even made spun sugar! lol, it was kinda exciting watching the girls do so. I mean, I’ve done spun sugar alot of times (not to brag but that’s the nature of my job) so it was quite a sight to watch when those who haven’t made tried.


Last but not, I think it was a job well executed. I can’t say the same if it was a cowboy or disco theme. I had most of the props that are suitable for this at home and it’s just about putting everything into places. So now, anybody wanna hire me for dessert tables set up ?? tee hee hee.





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  1. oh all the sweet things, love all the printables but i’m quite hopeless when it comes to all the pretty things.. just don’t have the patience.. lol
    the croquembouche is so gorgeous! i’ll most probably be like a little girl when making spun sugar 😀 when will you open your dessert bar? 

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