Rosewater Meringue Kisses

These meringue kisses were made for a bride’s wedding day. She had a little dessert table that she set up herself and ordered a cake and some meringue kisses from me to fill into the jars. These are pink rosewater scented meringue kisses, I’ve made 2, a white vanilla and this one. I thought the pink looked prettier, so I put it up. Lol


I hardly ever make meringue, especially tiny ones as humidity is Malaysia’s second name, they tend to sweat and shrink a little after baked and cooled. The bigger ones (like fist size) are more forgiving. To maintain the original colour (the photo on top, is before baking) you need to use a low temp oven, and PROBABLY use a tray to cover the top heat. Why I say probably, because each oven is different and some tend to have a very high heating element, and some oven, u can only put 1 tray (so it’s remotely impossible to ‘hang’ another tray above the meringue) But be sure to use a low temp, about 80 C.

Saying so, it takes a very long time to bake, say about 1 1/4 hr to 1 1/2 hrs. So I’m not sure if you’re ready to pay for electricity for such tiny gems, since it will take almost the same amount of time for 2 8″ cakes. Just trying to be practical here. Does electricity charge according to the function or the temperature of the oven besides time of using? Hrmmm..

Another tip is, use a star nozzle that has lots of ridges, so as you pipe, you get a nice roundish shape, and little edges. The multipurpose Wilton tip 1M doesn’t work for this unfortunately. I tried, and it’s ugly. I used Matfer’s PF 16. It’s a pretty good tip for eclairs and choux puffs too!


This is after 1 1/4 hrs in the oven and sat in the oven for about 3 hrs after I turned it off. A little crinkle on this one. Once it’s completely cool, put it in the air tight container. Because it might sweat and be all stick, make sure you put a layer of parchment paper in between layers of these meringue kisses if you’re stacking them.

They can be stored in the freezer and be eaten as it is once u take it out from the fridge.

You can also crush them and make tiramisu layers. Oh right, I think Nigella mentioned this in one of her books before.

How about sandwiching them with a dark dark chocolate ganache?

(psstt, the plain white ones makes a good emergency treat for my dogs :P)

Rosewater Meringue Kisses
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Cookie
  • 4 eggs whites
  • 170g sugar
  • light squeeze of lemon juice
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract (for plain)
  • OR 1 tsp of rosewater
  • dash of light pink colour
  1. Place sugar, egg whites and tartar in a bowl over (not on) simmering water. Constantly whisk the egg whites until the sugar has dissolved.
  2. Pour the egg mixture into a clean bowl. Using a whisk attachment on a stand mixer or a hand held mixture, slowly beat egg mixture. Gradually increase speed and continue to beat mixture until stiff peaks have almost formed. Add in extract or rosewater and colouring.
  3. Mixture is ready when whisk attachment dipped into mixture leaves a curled but stiff peak when removed.
  4. Transfer mixture to a pastry bag fitted with a close or open star tip and pipe ½ inch to ¾ inch wide cookies, making sure to set them one inch apart from one another.
  5. Bake at 75-80 C for 1 ½ hours, then turn off oven and leave the door slightly ajar for meringues to cool down with the oven. Store meringue cookies in an airtight container away from any heat or moisture.



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