Raspberry and Redcurrant Sherbet

Who loves eating ice cream under the cold weather? I do. I have this thinking that if you eat ice cream in the cold, it keeps you warm cause your body’s temperature is lowered, which then makes the difference temperature between the weather and your body lesser hence making you less cold. I’m kinda trying to confuse you but if it’s ice cream, anytime is good 🙂

Believe it or not, I’ve not made sherbet before. Gelato, sorbet, granita, ice cream, parfait, popsicle yes but not sherbet. And can I tell you, sherbet is the easiest to make among all! Why didn’t I discover this earlier. Ice cream has a custard base, sorbet uses a syrup, granita takes a longer time and gelato uses more milk than ice cream. Almost all uses cooking but this version of sherbet is blending fruit puree and milk, then churn almost immediately!

I have a cuisinart ice cream maker which cost about RM 2k+, more expensive than my mixer anyway. I used to have this Project 52 Ice cream Monday to make full use of the machine. But because it’s putting the weights on me more than anyone else, I HAD to pull it to a halt. I just am not blessed with a high metabolic rate high enough to curb my eating habits. Ok let’s not get into that. But this cuisinart ice cream machine is awesome much. Before that, I had a sunbeam one from australia, which just like other basic ice cream mixers, it requires you to freeze the canister for at least 24 hours before use. Let’s face it, when I want to make ice cream I want to make NOW! Plus, canisters take up a huge space in the already small freezer. With the cuisinart, it’s about twice the size of a regular ice cream mixer and the best part is, no canister freezing required! Which also means I can churn batch after batch after batch!

So I found the recipe from David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop. No surprise, it’s just a very good ice cream book. The original was just Raspberry Sherbet, but I added redcurrant into it as well. Oh so tangy it scrunches your face.

Raspberry and Redcurrant Sherbet

(makes 1/2 litre)

200g mixture of raspberry and redcurrants (or you can just use 1)
1 cup milk
100g sugar
1 tsp lemon juice


1. Blend raspberry and redcurrants with milk and sugar till smooth.

2. Strain the mixture and add lemon juice.

3. Churn in ice cream machine as per manufacturer’s instruction. Took 30 mins on Cuisinart.

4. Pour into a container then put in the freezer for about 1 hour to further harden it.

*to quicken the churning process, make sure the fruit is cold.


I’m not kidding. That;s just it.!



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