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Everyday, (every working day) without fail, the most favourable yet mind boggling question would be… “What should we eat for lunch / dinner?”

Like, really, unless you pack your own lunch to work (Even if you pack, you still need to think of what to cook / pack, or maybe perhaps just grab some from dinner and pack for tmr’s lunch) eating out is… a tough thing!! Haha tough in a way that, if there aren’t much choices near your working place, or that you’re only eating alone and you don’t wanna drive out and look for parking yada yada the whole thingamajig, well I guess you get what I meant or at least what I’m trying to say now.

If you haven’t, it’s ok. Just scroll down 🙂

Sometimes, I’d make simple, quick food / sandwiches at work for lunch. Bonus, the grocery store is just a stone throw away! They dn’t have the best selection of stuffs, but oh well, some couple of eggs, salads, bread and ham would do the job great 😉

Like this one here, I bought a medium sized loaf of wholemeal oats bread (I know, I said I don’t like eating bread, but mainly buns / white bread. Certain wholemeals or with grains or European breads are fine.) Cut a few slices (left half for another sandwich), toast in, then scrambled some eggs, added melted cheese. Then made a simple salad with baby butterhead leaves, Japanese cucumber, tomato and those pre-packed, single serving Japanese Dressing. Easy ? yes easy..

OR, you can make a megasaurus sandwich, buy some ham. In this case, I think I got some turkey ham, then sandwich them!! Oh a panini grill would be oh so handy. 🙂

Oh yes, I can boil pasta at work. (OK I clean up after cooking, and I make sure there’s no customers in the shop, aight?)This was a throw-in-wahtever-leftovers-from-fridge salad.

1/4 Baby butterhead + 1/2 grapefruit + handful penne + 1/4 capsicums and some left over japanese dressing. I mean, technically, this wasn’t A MEAL. I probably ate a packet of triangle nasi lemak after that HAHAHa

If all else fail, buy canned tuna and spread on bread.

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