Project 52 Ice Cream Mondays #15 : Strawberry Sorbet

Because it’s a Monday,

because there’re all the reasons in the world to procrastinate, to indulge, to feel like a zombie today.

Here I present you, the most lovely and naturally coloured; strawberry sorbet!

I’ve tried baking and making mousse cakes with strawberry before but the colour will always be pinkish and not a solid red, just like how the exterior of a strawberry does; a ripe one that is 😛 But I decided to give it a go anyway because usually for a sorbet, it’s fruit puree + simply syrup. No baking involved, no cream or milk to lighten the colour of the end product. I may have a high chance of getting a super red sorbet!

(Actually I made 2 types of ice cream in 1 day, ok not entirely 1 day but I prep-ed the fruits the night before, left in the fridge to macerate and cool, then churn the next morning before I went for my little short weekend getaway.) This was where we were at. more pics up later but for now, just this will do.

Felda Hot Springs Residence in Sungkai, Perak (each villa has their own private hot springs pool! )

OK back to reality. While I was looking for the recipe for my other ice cream, I stumbled upon this in David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop. I’ll tell u what which ice cream it is, but next week. So or the mean time, let’s just focus on the Strawberry Sorbet.

I got these Cameron Highland strawberries from The Curve Flea Market (where I also bought cheap Sugar Apricots) when I met up with Angie from Sea Salt With Food and Wendy from Table for 2 or more. They looked pretty red and ripe, unlike some of those in the supermarket where it’s still semi ripe and a little white/ green near the stem. That’s when you know the strawberries are most likely going to be sour instead of sweet.

Strawberry Sorbet

(adapted from David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop)

makes about 2 1/2 cups

500g Fresh strawberries, rinsed and hulled

150g sugar (I used 100g only as the strawberries were pretty sweet)

1 tsp kirsch (optional, I did not use)

1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice

pinch of salt

Slice strawberries and toss them in a medium bowl with sugar and kirsch, if using. Stir until the sugar begins to dissolve. Cover and let stand for 1 hour (I left mine in the fridge overnight, about 8 hrs), stirring every so often.

Puree the strawberries and their liquid with the lemon juice and salt in a blender or food processor until smooth. Press mixture through a strainer to remove the seeds if you wish.

Chill the mixture thoroughly (I didn’t as I have already chilled it overnight) then churn it in your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions. My Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker took about 25-30 minutes as it was only about 2 cups of sorbet. I would have made more if I had more strawberries, but they’re all that’s left 🙂

tastes ‘bloody’ good, pun intended ha ha ha !! I shall get more strawberries now..

11 thoughts on “Project 52 Ice Cream Mondays #15 : Strawberry Sorbet

  1. Swee San,
    It’s Felda Sungai Klah, Sungkai, Perak. Not Kedah ler. You need 3 more hours drive to Kedah. Hehehehe.

    BTW, these are the ones you got that day? I ate them the moment I got to my aunt’s place. Very nice, sweet and fragrant.
    Actually, you can get nice strawberries from Tesco. They are pretty red too, unlike imported ones which are only red on the outer skin.
    I always use these to make my strawberry stuff and even though when mixed with cream they always get pink (red+white, what do you think???), they make pretty red jellies.

    I thought it’s apricot sorbet today geh??? No ah?

  2. Jess, yup and its natural colour!

    Wendy..I haven’t been to Tesco for a while cause the nearest for me is Jusco or Giant.. Yea, usually when mixed with cream, it becomes pink. I think jellies are nice, make them in flower moulds hehe

  3. Swee San, so bloody red, so bloody good! Haha! Still got more left ar?

    You ladies shopped and ended up with so many good fruits! Too bad lar, the Curve isn’t in my territory … Or else, I’d have gone to grab a few!

    Eh, you went to Sungkai? My colleague is from Bidor, heard so much from her about the area … Got try any guava? She said Bidor is famous for guava. How about making something with guava …

    Texted back to you zor … Received already or not? Sorry lar, just got off work at 6.40 p.m. … Only got to reply you by then. =(

  4. The color is gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing this sorbet recipe as I’m very sure am gonna try this soon. Look forward to more pics on your getaway. Glad to learn of the hot spring villa. I would have thought it was in Thailand or smthg!

  5. At first I was entranced by the lovely colour of that ice cream, but now I can’t take my eyes off that pool…oh lovely. I haven’t been in a hot spring in years! I want one!

  6. Pei-Lin.. looking for pink guava, can u ask your friend if she knows where to get it ??

    Cheah.. yeah, can finish the whole tub 😛

    Paula, yup, no milk or cream involved

    petite nyonya, It’s quite a nice place to visit, especially during the Puasa season, there’s not so many people..

    Elizabeth, the best is to have the ice cream while in the pool!! 🙂

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