Passionfruit curd meringue tartlets

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It just felt like yesterday when I realized that it’s soon to be the second half of the year, and now it’s almost the end of July ? I must have been lagging too much with the whole blog thing. I have not baked anything for a while now except for the red velvet cake a few days ago, just cause I wanted to eat a red velvet. My cake cravings are not at all consistent. If not, most of the time, I don’t crave for any cake. I probably would just want to eat a dollop of cream, just at it is. HAHA Oh great, now I need to start all the sentences with “I” … “I”.. and “I” . Alright, what have YOU been craving lately?

Because I haven’t been baking much, these are made a couple of months ago (probably in May, not too long ago eh?)

Passionfruit meringue tartlets. Similar to the lemon meringue tart, the filling was a passionfruit curd and the base was a digestive biscuit base (of which are little left overs from a cheesecake (Oh boy, I haven’t put up the recipe, have I?) If you’re thinking if the curd was the same as the verrine I posted up not too long ago, yes it is the same.

Initially when I made the cheesecake, I wanted to make a small 7″ square and some 2 1/4 inch tart shells. So I lined up all the bases, when I made the cheesecake filling, I had just enough to fill the 7″. So I thought ok, maybe lets do a passionfruit curd with some meringue on top? After filling up the passionfruit curd into the tart shells, I had leftover, which I then used it to make the verrine. SO, if I did make more of the cheesecake filling, you wouldn’t see these 2 extra desserts on this blog.

Using digestive biscuits as tart bases are probably not such a good idea, unless the biscuit is very fine or you use more melted butter. Otherwise it crumbles easily. But a Pâte sucrée would work just as great too, if not even better!

Passionfruit Meringue Tartlets

Digestive Base

200g Digestive biscuit
80g melted butter
pinch of salt
pinch of cinnamon

Passionfruit curd

2 eggs
1 egg yolk
75g caster sugar
1 tbsp corn flour, dissolved in 1.5 tbsp water
1/2 cup passionfruit pulp (from 3-4 passionfruits)
60g butter, chilled, diced


(I’m so sorry to say this but I just whipped egg whites and added enough sugar till it looks glossy, so no recipe)


1. Crush and ground digestive biscuits. Add melted butter, salt and cinnamon and stir till biscuit is coated with butter. Scoop a few tbsp of biscuit onto tart shells, press flat with thumb and all the way to the sides. Put in the refrigerator to chill it.

2. Make Passionfruit curd. Put everything except butter in a small pot. Cook over low heat and stir with a whisk constantly to prevent burns. Once it thickens and starts to bubble, cook for another minute. Remove from heat and add in butter, stir till butter has melted. The curd will look glossy. Pour into the chilled tart shells and let it chill for 1 hour or till ready to serve.

3. Make meringue. Fill into a piping bag, snip the tip off. Pipe on top of the curd and use a blow torch to add some magic. Serve immediately


See what I meant by the base?? Next time I’m definitely going to make a different base of this tart. 🙂


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