One Million Star (S7) – Chao Ji Xing Guang Da Dao

Have u watched ??????; (chao jí xing guang dà dào) before? It’s a sorta launching platform for alot of singer trying to break into the market and gain fame. I mean, it’s a singing competition (like American Idols) but different as they have stages like “PK”. Erm, hard to explain . haha. Nevermind, just watch a repeat of the finals or something. *try youtube*

Particularly this season; season 7, there were quite a few Malaysians in the competition. And also, you need to know, the winner is a Malaysian! *proud*

She has scored full marks in semi finals, and in the final as well, which probably has never happened in the history of Xing Guang before! Well, just watch the videos. Haha

Semi finals, both full marks !!

Finals, both full marks. Which makes, 4 full marks in a row. New record!

Her singing Jaclyn Victor’s Gemilang.


Congratulations Jess Lee Jia Wei !

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