Meeting up with Pigpigscorner, LovingBaking and BittersweetFlavours and more!

oh How I love blogging. You meet with people of the same passion, regardless background, age, gender or education.

This year itself, there were quite a bit of gatherings. First, in Feb 2010, then somewhere in May, June (without photos), and with Angie – Seasaltwithfood, then again here, and the most recent one here with Sonia-NasiLemakLover and Reese-ReeseKitchen as well. Wow, now that’s quite alot!!

Year ends seems to be a good time cause those from overseas from come back for holidays, or those from another country would come and visit KL! Fun eh? This time around, actually this weekend, I get to meet up with Ann from Pigpigscorner and Youfei from Lovingbaking along with the usual ones HAHA. Wheee so fun!! I just wonder who I’ll meet up next lol.

So last Thursday evening, we headed up to Mun Wah Hokkien Mee to have some Hokkien mee (d’oh)

All these while, I’ve only been fed hokkien mee from Klang. Thats cause, most of the hokkien mee places I go too have pork lard (must!) in the noodles. But in Klang, (yes, incase u you haven’t know, I’m from Klang, THE land of Bah Kut Teh) we usually either call it Hokkein Mee, or Tua Tiau Mee (which literally means, big / thick noodles.)

Deep Fried Sotong which looked kinda pathetic when it first came. But rest assured, it’s crunchy and crispy batter makes up for it. Right till the last minute. 🙂

And ah, of course, I don’t know when or how we started, every time me, Pei-Lin and Wendy meet up, we have a “thing” that we’ll bring and share with the rest. So this time around, it’s not an exception. Wendy from Table for 2.. or more brought along some pumpkin butter cake for us to try.

As you know, I’m not the greatest fan of butter cake. But this pumpkin cake was good. Pumpkins are great in cakes cause of their water content that keeps the cake moist and gives a fine texture. You’d have to wait for Wendy to post up the recipe then 😉

Then the very-super-busy Pei-Lin from Dodol and Mochi was so nice to bring us her Snickers Macaron. Despite her saying it’s not her best, or that the ganache is melting or wahtever nots, it’s still good but maybe just a tad too generous with the caramel filling 😉 It’s ok PL, we are not judging whether its your best macaron or worst, we’re just sharing food 🙂

*pic courtesy of Pei-Lin*

Oh, and I made ’em Chocolate Malt Marshmallows. Sorry, looks like a pile of chocolate mess . Haha but you know, it’s chocolate and it’s brown 🙂 I hope they liked it 🙂

Of course we had to take a couple of group pics before calling it a night.

*as you can see the quality difference, the bottom pic was taken by Pei-Lin*

We then bid goodbye to You Fei and that she has a safe trip back to Singapore as she’s leaving the next day.

Well, now, if you think that’s the end, it’s NOT!

The next day, which I coincidentally was on leave, I went out with Ann to get some cheap books and to have banana leaf ric.

*pic from Ann pigpigscorner’s twitter

Not kidding, they were over generous with pappadums .. *puzzled*

Ok now, the following day, which is a Saturday, we met up again; it was actually the initial date fixed for this meet up. The other 2 days were quite impromptu. This time, we headed to Empire Gallery @ Subang Jaya. The mall was packed with people so we ended up in a restaurant that serves mediocre pasta and pizza. I can’t wait for a pot luck already!!!

*pics taken by Pei-Lin

Attendees this time around was (in no particular order) Tracie from Bittersweet Flavours, Ann from pig pig’s corner , Melody from Meldylocks and her three bears, Pei-Lin from Dodol & Mochi and Wendy from Table for 2… or more. oh and ME! of course.

*pic taken by Pei-Lin

Melody and Wendy’s kids were there and at one point, both of them were SO SO CUTE together!! You’d have to see the pictures to know haha . Actually no, u’d have to be there. Haha it was just, like usual, talk and talk and talk and talk for a few hours. Apart from the food served, we got our own food too!! and gifts! Why! we seriously need a pot luck!

Pastelitas de Boda (Mexican Wedding Cakes, a.k.a. Russian Tea Cakes or Pecan Butter Balls) from Pei-Lin. Opps, a little crushed on the way home. hehe

Cute coasters from Wendy and flower ball tea from Melody.

I can’t wait so long to see how the flower came out, so I made tea with it. Melody you have to tell me where to buy it!! It’s so awesome! These flower ball teas are actually compact into a ball shape, then when you put it in hot water, it blooms and opens to look like a flower, hence the name. So pretty isn’t it. But you’d need a clear teapot to see it’s work of art.

and me? I HAD to bring a cake. Not kidding. Not the first time, not the last either. Gives me an excuse to make cakes and not overeat them at home LOL.

*Thanks Pei-Lin for the pic

This slice, the ganache was kinda missing. But the other slices where I cut and served them, the layers were all the same height. So I’m gonna see if the remaining piece in the fridge, has a better layering. Haha and do more pictures with it. *Oh wait, just checked the fridge, no more cake ??? *

Oh wait, it’s an Opera if you haven’t realized. Recipes up later 🙂

I’m glad I’m making friends from blogging itself (more like blog-hopping).. Well I hope in time to come, there’d be more and more meet up sessions. I enjoyed meeting n chatting with everyone and I hope to see you guys soon..


8 thoughts on “Meeting up with Pigpigscorner, LovingBaking and BittersweetFlavours and more!

  1. the flower ball teas sound amazing! does that comes with different kind of flowers and flavours? if you know where to get those, please let me know too.
    hey, looking forward to your opera cake posting..must be another complicated one..sigh!

  2. Hmmm … As usual, you’re the fastest of all!!! HAHA!! I don’t have time to update these 2 weeks I think … Haiz … See when la … No mood to write now … HAHAHA!!

    Yup, blogging is definitely bringing us surprises … VERY unpredictable! 2010 has def been a fruitful year I suppose!

    Thank you so much for the company and cakes and food!!! I enjoyed it! I learned another new route … to Subang!!! HAHAHA! Every time I go out lepak with you guys, sure learn sth new …

    Ya lor, malu lah … I’ll reduce the caramel filling for my Snickers macs next time. Definitely one of my fave mac flavors! Thanks for the encouraging words! =D

    My friends and I end up not going to the pre-weddding dinner … So stay home guai guai dei do my homework. The bride has summoned me to put together a love poem for her wedding tmr. Gotta go now! Need to wake up at 4-ish a.m.!!! K, I better go off now …

    Love ya, take care!! See you soon!!!

  3. Yes this bloging is really something. We get to meet a lot of nice people out there. I wish I can join you ladies once a while, hopefully in your next pot luck event. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures with us. Now I know how Ann look like 🙂

  4. I lurvvvvve that Opera Cake. Absolutely yummy.

    Gosh, I d look HUGE in that 1st pic at Mun Wah.
    Mom always told me not to wear that shirt, guess I should listen, LOL.

    For those who are from Ipoh, the flower tea balls can be found at Jusco, near the rice shelves at the back.

  5. Lena, I guess Wendy answered your question. Hehe Yes According to Meldy, there are diff shapes of flower in the little tea ball. Opera is not as complicated as the previous ones lol HEHEE

    Pei-Lin, Lol, I actually drafted the post bit by bits just so I don’t forget 😛
    Lol btw the LONG route u took to Subang, I think it’s best u forget about it and learn a new n shorter one lol 🙂

    Gert, Haha yeah hopefully we’ll be able to do a pot luck somewhere during Chinese New Year 🙂

    Wendy, blame it on preggers ;P

    Shirley, I know!! U should come to KL 🙂

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