Mad Hatter’s Tea Pot Luck Party

Few weekends ago, I had some friends come over for another session of pot luck (which seems quite a norm now for me to do a pot luck once a month) Last it was the Korean feast. This time, I wanted to do all the tea time food and cakes! You know most of the problem comes with trying to bake too much but always never eating them fast enough.

I love baking, and no doubt I LOVE eating desserts, but there’s only so much one can eat, or a family can eat. So pot luck is one of the better way to bake alot and not feel guilty. I’m thinking of a brunch session this month, but we’ll see. Things are kinda busy this month, with all the birthday cake orders and ‘Qing Ming’ (One step at a time ;))

So happy with the food spread. I think I’m going to do more hi-tea pot luck LOL and make everyone fat. These were food made by 4 of us. And am so glad that I can use all the cake displays n plates and whatever nots. They all come in random pieces.

Let’s see what’s on the menu.

Well you can see there’s a (missing) pumpkin rose mantou. Because it was left behind in the fridge instead of being brought over in the car, hence it’s missing. The menu is sorta mixed, with chinese inspired egg tarts, swedish sandwich cake, classic american chocolate chip cookies, asian style swiss rolls, the ‘atas’ poached pears, etc etc.

My contribution was the Smogastarta, rainbow cake, butter pecan ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. Since there were kids coming along as well, might as well make something for the kids too!

Opps just realized that it was honeydew green tea and not honey green tea 😛 I have just realized (also) that I have a pretty good selection of tea at home from english to chinese. Even coffee and hot chocolate as well. Not kidding. It’s like a mini cafe happening here. Green tea seems like a better choice for this occasion, everyone needed it 😛

More pics!!

Chives and cheddar biscuits with sausage gravy. Egg tarts. Totally digging the sausage gravy and the all buttery egg tart shells!

Poached pear with butter pecan ice cream (which I will post the awesome recipe up another time), Poached pears, Banofee tarts and the very cute strawberry and bear pattern swiss roll.

THE palm size chocolate chip cookie (which I’ve made before. Recipe here). This time, I played around with using Valrhona Guanaja disks, Callebaut dark buttons, Felchin’s dark rondo and regular smaller sized chocolate chips. It’s a winner.

Must be mad for me to finally made this. I had wanted to make the Smogastarta since a while now. What better time to make it ! It is not a sweet cake but it’s actually a sandwich! But instead of being the usual square or triangle cuts, it’s in a BIG CAKE! How awesome is that? Recipe and more pics of it another time 😉

Ta dahhh!! the all natural pastel rainbow cake. This wasn’t on the original menu, I decided to make it on the very last minute (just the night before, and u know if it doesn’t turn out no one will know. LOL).. And I kinda kept it a surprise until I was caught posting up some photos on instagram, which then eventually was up in FB. If u haven’t used instagram, go download it now and follow me! (@sweesan) Oh well, it’s quite a try and error cake for this one. The colours were SO BEAUTIFUL! But I didn’t really like the texture of the cake as it was kinda too dense. I’m probably going to make another one with a lighter batter, so if you can wait for the recipe, I’ll be more than happy 🙂

(You know how terribly slow I am in getting the posts up)

Ok so that’s it for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Pot luck party!



14 thoughts on “Mad Hatter’s Tea Pot Luck Party

  1. Reese, it’s ok la we know u will make for us one day, RIGHT ? tee hee hee

    Janine, it is! I just have to tweak a little then hopefully post it up by then..

    Kay, thanks! yup it’s about 6-7 inches tall!

  2. i can feel everybody’s putting good effort in making all these, they all look “ichiban’! such a brilliant idea for making the sandwich cake!! very eye catchy!! also your rainbow! if i make this rainbow cake, i will have to clear my fridge and make way for this cake!!

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